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  1. Hello all. I don’t have any Project Sam libraries. Being orchestral in nature, what benefit, if any, would I get picking up something from this sale that a library from say Spitfire or Sonuscore couldn’t achieve? Thanks. Steve
  2. SPool


    Again, thanks to all for such a warm reception and from such beautiful locations (East coast upstate NY Ft. Edward region here). That’s the wonderful thing about the internet. Like minded people can converse, in a civilized fashion ideally, and I find it personally enriching getting so much insight and knowledge from the various people that I encounter and befriend. Never too old to learn. And concerning King Larry, I might as well let my wife know now that I’ll most likely be getting a part time job as we certainly didn’t discuss Larry and his Deals with our financial advisor when reviewing our retirement portfolio! 😂😆 Steve
  3. SPool


    Thank you to all for the welcomes! I guess with a title of just - Greetings! one could expect to read a post saying hello my name is, quickly followed by five paragraphs boasting about how OUT OF THIS WORLD brand x plug-in, synth, etc., is! :) I assure you, I’m about as common folk as they come and not a salesman in any way. Oh, but since I already mentioned plug-ins and software, my friend just told me about a web site that has these REALLY CHEAP but HIGH quality plugins! Im kidding! 😆
  4. Thank you Larry! I just re-subscribed to their newsletter again in case I was dropped.
  5. SPool


    You Sir have made this old(er) man blush! Going into our retirement my wife told (threatened?) me that I can grow old alone and grumpy or embrace our new lives and be happy to share it together. Of course I opted for the latter! I also made it a life choice to better myself all around as a person and this very much includes positive interaction with all that I know an meet. 😀 Thank you SO MUCH for the kind words and by all means moderators, please move these posts to the appropriate forums if need be. Steve
  6. Hello Larry! Did you get an email about this? I have all of the SoundDUST libraries and didn’t get anything, so far. I wonder if beyond the 40% if they’ll give loyalty bonus to existing owners since this seems to be a dot upgrade.
  7. SPool


    Hello forum members! My name is Steve and I’d like to give a blanket hello to all. I first posted in Larry’s thread about Sample Logics World AI in Deals but, as I can see myself most likely bouncing around here, I figured I’ll make my “official” greeting outside of the other thread. Steve P (edited for spelling 😊)
  8. SPool

    Sample Logic World AI

    Hello to all! My name is Steve and this is my first post as I’m new to Bandlab’s Cakewalk (great DAW by the way). My reason for posting here is one, because I absolutely love Sample Logic libraries and World AI, being somewhat a companion to their Symphonic AI library, is another superb hit IMO by the SL Team. My main reason for posting here however is because of Larry. I have been afflicted with GAS for quite some time now and from looking over this particular forum I know I’m not alone! :) I (we) spend a lot of money on our beloved audio and to have someone condense deals and discounts/offers into a nice little package as what I have witnessed Larry doing here is to be commended. It’s like going to your favorite news source for a glance at what’s happening in the world only for audio software deals! I hope to continue a presence here and the other forums here as well, time permitting. Well that’s all I have to say for now and thank you Larry. Steve P
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