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  1. Does the mastering console in Cakewalk Bandlab bring over all of the channel strip pro features found in X1 X2 and X3, or should we create those as a seperate download and reload X3? Thanks.
  2. I don't know if my install was incorrect or not, but I bought Geist 2 and am unable to get the drum pad to show up. Is there a key combinaiton I press to make it visible? Thanks in advance \
  3. OK I solved this. Underneath the browser is a set of ....... if you click on that the drum pads show up. But I still can't find the factory content. Any idea what direcotry they would be in. Also I got Kit Maker to go along with this to help me build drum kits. Which works interesting.
  4. IK Multimedia is a good product, however you have to wait until their sales and then you can pick up Total Max 2 for $250. Which is an outstanding value. That's why I only bought PG music Biab during their Christmas sale. Native-instruments also has bass guitar presets, and again you have to wait until they have sales to buy Komplete. Eventually you can save up and get their Komplete Collectors edition for $600 which is $3000 worth of musical gear. and Arturia has half priced sales and you can get all their emulations.
  5. Now also there is a real retro way to go. The 16 bit computers had some great midi sequencers developed for them. That are in some ways with the exception of Band in a box. More track and pattern based. You could turn your computer into an Atari ST and use programs from Tim's Midi world. But you would want to use (in my humble opinion a keyboard like I mentioned earlier. There is Dr T's Level 2, and quite a few others. The documentation isn't great either, but it would allow you to build a discussion about the various facets that really are covered very well in Biab.
  6. OK there's a lot in this conversation. There are truly two ways to go. One is to get a keyboard like the Yamaha Psr Series or like the Casio CT x-3000 which offer lots of tools that are involved in music production, checking out rhythms, splitting the keyboard, programming accompaniment patterns Learning how to use arpeggios. In other words it's a full package synth . The only thing is that the general midi samples are not the same as the PSR series, but it offers 100 effects to PSR's 10,. The other solution is getting a program like BIAB which they have a midi only version rather than using real tracks, which do sound loads better, But in midi everything involved can be shown and it is like buying a Encyclopedia of performers and they are able to interact and help you discover how they shaped music. Cakewalk was great because it was like buying a music store full of instruments. Unfortunately BandLab's doesn't include many things that were in the Cakewalk suite. So while we have cakewalk you have to find your own vst's. One that is simple to use is Cobalt VST, another is the Kawai K3 VST. Both of these are good starters, because the range of envelopes pretends to look the same, but when you investigate them. There are significant differences. I hope your project works out well for you.
  7. I don't know if my install was incorrect or not, but I bought Geist 2 and am unable to get the drum pad to show up. Is there a key combinaiton I press to make it visible? Thanks in advance \
  8. OK I am setting up to categorize my plugins but I find no categories in Cakewalk bandlab. where the hell are they. I have fixed this for other versions of the software, but why is it missing. Not everyone has exposure to understanding what categories vst's should be placed in. Cakewalk please make this easier so users don't have to fuss over every single instrument.
  9. Where are the categories? I've had no issues in the past of combing through my vst instruments seeing the categories existing and assigning them. Unfortuanely that isn't my experience now. Sometimes the manager installs them and assigns them but many times it doesn't. What has changed, why? and what am I missing?
  10. Is it possible to import a midi progression and force it onto a rhythm. Does Cakewalk have an opacity function like that? I would call that musical opacity.
  11. I am not understanding how the export window works. I have 3 songs and I want to put them onto cd, but when I exported the audio only the last song ended up on the cd. But I see an option to bounce to tracks, is that reducing all the parts, which in this case I'm dealing with a song level. So is that not relevant? Why would only the 3rd song be exported but not the entire track with the 3 songs?
  12. I created a test kitchen Guitar plug in board so I put some samples from Ghosthack de guitar samples and I want to try out the different guitars in the ACT Input, but when I assign Revalver 4 over the audio tracks nothing happens, it won't record the samples. If I try it with midi vst's it works fine. Am I misunderstanding something about how to get it to work with audio tracks?
  13. I got a message when I went to update to the recent version of Cakewalk Today, that Windows 7 is no longer supported. I tried Win10 on this computer 3 years ago and within a year I had bad crashes with it twice so I put 7 back on it. Will Cake still work if I download the next update? I'm happy with 7 all my programs work and it never crashes unlike Win 10 did!!!
  14. I boght Crescendo Sheet music making software. I have classical midi pianist and unfortunately the Cakewalk sheet music is too small for me to read. So since this is an inexpensive sheet music maker I thought it would be easy to import in your song and it would print it out on a two stave chart like a regular piano chart. It doesn't! I only get Treble Clefts and I have no idea how to set the point between staves so that the notes that fall under would be moved to the bass stave. Then it also says there are many channels in the piano music. Which doesn't make sense as this is only piano music. Any ideas? Is this common, or am I misunderstanding the creative process for notation arrangement?
  15. Thanks I will ponder over these ideas hopefully one works. I have checked the unsorted list and it is not there either. Only the synthmaster fx are. But I will definitely try out these ideas. Thanks so much
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