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  1. Is it possible to import a midi progression and force it onto a rhythm. Does Cakewalk have an opacity function like that? I would call that musical opacity.
  2. I am not understanding how the export window works. I have 3 songs and I want to put them onto cd, but when I exported the audio only the last song ended up on the cd. But I see an option to bounce to tracks, is that reducing all the parts, which in this case I'm dealing with a song level. So is that not relevant? Why would only the 3rd song be exported but not the entire track with the 3 songs?
  3. I created a test kitchen Guitar plug in board so I put some samples from Ghosthack de guitar samples and I want to try out the different guitars in the ACT Input, but when I assign Revalver 4 over the audio tracks nothing happens, it won't record the samples. If I try it with midi vst's it works fine. Am I misunderstanding something about how to get it to work with audio tracks?
  4. I got a message when I went to update to the recent version of Cakewalk Today, that Windows 7 is no longer supported. I tried Win10 on this computer 3 years ago and within a year I had bad crashes with it twice so I put 7 back on it. Will Cake still work if I download the next update? I'm happy with 7 all my programs work and it never crashes unlike Win 10 did!!!
  5. I boght Crescendo Sheet music making software. I have classical midi pianist and unfortunately the Cakewalk sheet music is too small for me to read. So since this is an inexpensive sheet music maker I thought it would be easy to import in your song and it would print it out on a two stave chart like a regular piano chart. It doesn't! I only get Treble Clefts and I have no idea how to set the point between staves so that the notes that fall under would be moved to the bass stave. Then it also says there are many channels in the piano music. Which doesn't make sense as this is only piano music. Any ideas? Is this common, or am I misunderstanding the creative process for notation arrangement?
  6. Thanks I will ponder over these ideas hopefully one works. I have checked the unsorted list and it is not there either. Only the synthmaster fx are. But I will definitely try out these ideas. Thanks so much
  7. Yes the directory for synthmaster is in vst plugins. Other programs find it Reaper(yes I bought a license for it.) But I think CW is much more feature rich. Reason also finds it, it's only CW that can't.
  8. So does that mean it's in a midi type 0 format? Are the different instruments kept on the same channel. My eyes are not good enough to see for every note printed. I'll have to try it through Biab, but with cakewalk the notation is too small to see for my eyes. I'll try some other things thank you so much for your explanation.
  9. For some reason I am unable to get Synthmaster to get recognized by Cakewalk VST. It will run fine through midi host but I have tried everything I can think of to make it work. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance
  10. I bought deCoda by Z-Plane and find it very helpful to learning a song, but the midi to song is grayed out on every mp3 I have loaded. How do I activate that does anyone know? Thank you in advance.
  11. In Cake 8.5 it was possible to open prv in Track inspector but that feature seems gone. Has the workflow in Cake Band changed quite a bit and how? I'm trying to figure out the zooms and the microscope and they seem re-designed. Any ideas Thanks
  12. OK I looked a track manager but I don't see any way to insert a new synth between 3 and 4 which is where I would like it to sit because it will trade off with Cobalt, The one I want to put is the Kawai K3 vst. But I don't see an option to pick the placement for it. Does it always have to be inserted to the bottom?
  13. OK I screwed up. I thought I didn't save that but I now need to replace my mistake with the orignial synth that sat there. Maybe I'll try track manager to see if I can delete that track and put a different synth there.
  14. OK I want to add to this, when I copied the drum part I thought it would just copy the midi rhythm notes but instead it brought the actual drum kits along with it into the vst that was designated for a synth . I probably should redo the track from the media browser instead of copying and pasting from the drum part. So I'll try that.
  15. I'm actually beginning my song writing. I want to take the drum patterns to the other instruments but when I copied the drum pattern, it brought the drum list along with it. I want to change that to a Piano Roll but I can't seem to figure out how to do that. Then I will move the synth part to the notes on the scale I want to use but I want them to sit on the drum rhythm. and the other part on that pattern that are left over , I will delete. Any ideas?
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