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  1. OK I will try that this week. and post how it goes.
  2. Did cakewalk X3 put the vst's in a different folder than the Bandlab Cakewalk editions? I thought I had V Vocal but I can't seem to find it in the vst or dxi section. I still have X3 installed.
  3. Leighton Cooper

    Using Arpegiators

    I want to use three different arpeggiaton styles on an instrument track. Do I have to convert them into audio loops to do that? It seems as if the arpeggiators play live during the record session. So I'm not sure what's being recorded because the arpeggiators don't seem as if they are midi notes? Any ideas? Thanks
  4. OK I permanently figured this out. On my screen display I have to close all the windows in the status bar at the bottom of the screen to be able to see the midi and audio tabs. If any tabs underneath are open it covers the midi audio options.
  5. Thanks I kind of have that as an idea too, but since Omni is so large. I didn't want to thrash about and lose my version that works. But now it's time to correct that. I'll look through the folders it might be in. I seem to be getting this a lot. Cobalt VST plugIn wouldn't read the sequence so I went in to the PI and just checked off a few buttons and then back on and now it seems to work. So I'm figuring things out. Thanks
  6. Cobalt VST is another good synth for beginners and Kawai K3 vst is another beginner plug in. https://www.lesliesanford.com/vst/plugins/ Kawai K3 http://www.vst4free.com/free_vst.php?plugin=K3-V_Extended&id=2928 PlugIn botique for example. Has a JD800 clone, a Virus clone and a Novation station clone. https://www.pluginboutique.com/categories/4-Synth?free=true
  7. It's not new, and they may not update it. But I think this one is much better thought out than Amplitube. is Peavey Revalver 4. What I like about it is they have many speaker cabinets available for cheap, and the speakers have spots laid out on where you can scroll through about 14 different kinds of virtual microphones and try them for different sounds and they tell you where they are. So you aren't just second guessing everything. That doesnn't cover the amps or the stomp boxes or the other effects that come with it. They don't have as many amplifiers as amplitube. But there is more than enough and the website attempts to describe the tones between speaker cabinets with different words for each cabinet which gives me an idea to think about sound.
  8. I have Arturia's B3 V and it doesn't seem like it got high marks and they came out with a version 2 which I haven't upgraded to the next version yet. But v1 seems to work with the Dictionary of Hammond Organ and stops which is a guide book to trying to mimic pipe organ sounds on the B3.
  9. Wouldn't this be the ground that PG Music Band in a box covers? or is it a totally different subject?
  10. Oh I forgot about Craig Andertons video's I did rummage through x1 for that but could never locate them.
  11. This is a good discussion. I was always confused with the upgrades. For example they put the prochannel plugIns on sale, and the soft tube saturatur came along with a few other pieces of equipment before X2 and I ordered that so I'm assuming that was made permanent at some point. It would be nice if someone who was good at managing the history of sonars parts that came were documented. If we had every available item what would they be? It took me a long time to comprehend all the parts that come in Cakewalk, but the history is somewhat confusing. I had up to X3 but I always upgraded during that series. But I'm not sure of all the extras. You have Prochannels, Regional FX, Vst,'s DXPlugIns, Is it worth adding in VVocal? or is Melodyne a good substitue. the DreamVST, Some other things too. But at this point I think we have the kitchen sink. Also if you are just starting out on synths there is Cobalt VST and Kawai K3 vst which are very simple to use.
  12. Thanks I actually fixed my problem with the Omni PlugIn in reason today. I have to load it through FL modular host to get to work. Directly trying to load it as a plug in keeps it at the version 2.0 level. But using that it loaded pefectly the 2.6 version.
  13. Also my Performance is using 30% and all I did was use 3 prtsc's and Cakewalk
  14. I am building a general midi patch bank for timewarp basing my understandings off of Arturia Arp 2600 V and I created a prtSc of the Arp patch I wanted to copy from for an idea to mimic it on timewarp and after I did this for several of them Cakewalk will no longer open. Any idea why?
  15. The other Sound collection that is real good is Arturia. When it goes on sale you get 22 instruments for $250. I love that package. I have Komplete too which is also great but between those two youo have every synth emulated pretty much. There's also Omnisphere but I don't think it's a substitute for either of these 2 packages.
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