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  1. SOLVED! Very pleased to report that the issue was inactive (de-selected) MIDI drivers on my system from a third party (NativeKontrol) who make enhanced drivers for the Novation Launchpad. Their drivers give added functionality to the Launchpad, but I'm not currently using it. However, they still appear in Cakewalk under MIDI Devices as "MT Player 1,2 and 3". Once I checked those boxes as active the Behringer MOTOR keyboard worked immediately. It's as if unchecked MIDI drivers above the MOTOR block Cakewalk from going all the way down the list. But maybe it sometimes did see the MOTOR, for whatever reason. Also, the feature to "move selected devices to the top" doesn't actually do that for me. That might have solved it too. But my problem was a very specific issue. Thanks for the suggestions!
  2. These are good ideas that I didn't fully think through. However... no luck. The MOTOR has two modes: MIDI or MC, switchable on the top panel. So I know I'm sending MIDI and not machine control. I activated the second port, but Cake just doesn't seem to like my keyboard. I will post the solution, if I stumble onto it. In the meantime, gotta stick with Samplitude (but I think Cakewalk could be better in time). The VST3 is better in Cake and the comping lanes work much better. Gotta have the keyboard working though so a piano player can accompany a singer! Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the reply! Everything sure looks correct, but I attached a screenshot of my settings showing the in/out of MIDI and audio tracks appears okay. Nothing happens. It won't record or play the VSTi from the keyboard. It works fine in Samplitude and Cubase. This is probably one little setting and the MIDI input echo was something to try that I hadn't thought of (since 1990)...
  4. I'm enjoying Cakewalk, wish I would have stopped by at NAMM, but my Behringer MOTOR keyboard only rarely works with Cake. It is perfectly recognized by Samplitude, Cubase, and EZ Keys (standalone). In Cakewalk there is a very convoluted method for VSTi's. I don't get it. The MOTOR appears as a MIDI Device (in Preferences) and shows up as a selection for routing in the MIDI track, but it only triggers a VSTi from time to time (I click on the track number and it sometimes works) and only records MIDI data from time to time. Then I go to another DAW and it works normally, playing and recording. It seems that the keyboard is not intermittent in any other app and I think the keyboard is working normally. I've followed all of the various YouTube and online documentation for inserting soft synths and using simple instrument tracks, but it still rarely works. The keyboard has the latest firmware 1.091. There might be some simple thing I've missed, but I suspect there is some incompatibility issue. The Cakewalk VSTi implementation is really unusual so I'm familiarizing myself with Cakewalk, but I wouldn't use it for anything yet. The VST3 implementation is the best I've seen. Thanks!
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