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  1. My apologies. I have fixed the issue and the culprit is as usual... Waves Audio I missed the V13 update (don't know why), once I updated to V13, the project is opening well and even a bit faster than before so 2022.02 not to blame at all. Apologies again, RaphaëlWolfgang
  2. Dear all, Right after I upgraded to 2022.02, I started to have a strange problem never occurred before: my Project Template won't open anymore. Other existing projects will open just fine. By my template won't whether I opened from "start screen" or even if I go open from the folder in Cakewalk core where it is stored. It loads all the tracks but it freezes at "Almost Done" Anyone having same issue? Any idea how to solve? It is my own template so there is a fair amount of tracks and presets involving multiple plugins and instruments but it never used to crash before (and I'm talking about many years here). Thanks in advance for any feedback, RaphaëlWolfgang
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