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  1. nickjap

    Lost Stereo Output

    Hello, Can anyone help me? I seem to have lost the stereo output from Cakewalk by Bandlab and I don't understand how this has happened. I use a Focusrite Clarett 2pre audio interface to record in and hear the sound. The other day, I was recording some vocals, and I set my vocal track to output to output 3 in Cakewalk and I set up an additional output in Focusrite control to receive the sound. Subsequent to doing that the right channel doesn't seem to carry any signal even though my master fader reflects how I've set up my pan controls. Can anyone tell me what I may have done and how I can get back to hear a stereo image again in Cakewalk? Greatly appreciated, Nick
  2. Hi, I'm doing an online course in mixing. The last assignment I had to do involved me setting LUFS level to -16dB with a dBTP at -1dB. I couldn't find a stock plug in in Cakewalk that would allow me to make these settings (is there one?) so I used the Waves WDM Plus (??) to make the settings. All well and good, but having exported the file and then reimporting it in to my track pane, I got an master channel output of 0dB instead of -1dB. I put nothing in my master channel so the level should have been flat at -1dB. When I exported the files, I selected all the check boxes, including the 64 bit engine - it was a stereo file 44000 / 24bit (standard CD levels). Does anyone know whether during exporting Cakewalk boosts the signal? Has anyone else noticed this situation? (It seems to happen on both individual tracks and entire mixes.) I'd be grateful of any insight and suggestions as to what adjustments, if any, can be made. Thanks.
  3. Hello all, I think I may have done it! However, CCC would not let me install Platinum despite having uninstalled CbB. Clearly I'm doing something wrong, but I can't see what it is and now that SD3 is running again, I think I'll leave it at that. Thanks for all your help and sorry to have caused you trouble and frustration.
  4. Thanks all. So, this is what I need to do: 1) Backup all my Cakewalk project files 2) Uninstall Cakewalk CBb (and Bandlab Assistant?) 3) Uninstall Command Center 4) Uninstall Sonar X2 and X3 Producer that already I've reinstalled 5) Do a desk top clean up and remove files 6) Reinstall Command Center, sign in and download Sonar Platinum 7) Download Bandlab Assistant, sign in and download Cakewalk CBb I have Waves plugins and melodyne assistant - do need to uninstall all of these as well? Had no idea it was going to be such an involved process - why doesn't bandlab make session drummer 3 standard in its programme?! Please let me know if any of these steps (or the order) is wrong. Thanks
  5. Hi, Sorry to come back to this but in Command Centre, when I open it it seems to take me only to the Sonar Platinum update (I think). I've tried to download both the full version and only the Artist Instruments but I keep getting a message saying 'there's no sonar product on my system' (sorry not sure of the extract wording as it displays in Japanese). I put sonar X2 producer in (only the 1st disc though) and likewise with sonar X3 producer. Now, I've got session drummer 1 but session drummer 3 doesn't show up even on a VST scan. (I've also looked in plug in manager to see if there's anything in not enabled section and there's nothing there.) Any thoughts on where I'm going wrong? Command Centre recognises me with user name but do I have to do another log in? Any help would be much appreciated (thankfully, a lot of the old plug ins are now back, though).
  6. Hi all, Oh dear, somehow I've just managed to change the language display from English to Japanese! Can anyone remind how to switch languages again? Cheers,
  7. Cheers! That's really useful, thanks.
  8. Hi Chuck E Baby, Thanks. My old computer died so I've downloaded cakewalk into a new computer. Can I still install session drummer even though I no longer have Sonar Platinum on my computer? Cheers, Nick
  9. Hi Vlefteris Thanks for the information. I can't believe that session drummer has been dropped! Could be a game changer. Cheers, Nick
  10. Hi, For various reasons I had to reinstall Cakewalk by Bandlab and having done so, I've found that Session Drummer 3 is missing. Does anyone know how I can get that download? It's really important and it features in almost all my projects. Cheers, Nick
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