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  1. 11 but as said, don't have issues with Pro Tools, Mixcraft..... changing the latency seems to have done it though!
  2. I changed from 256 to 1024 and now it works!??
  3. It's the same even when there are no other effects anywhere, like, it's first plugin used, just to try it.. and works on other DAW, it's just Cakewalk... weird, right?
  4. Hi cheers, SSL2+, have used all different latency settings, still the same
  5. Thanks man, yeah checked that, all ok, and as said, it works fine on other DAW (Mixcraft, ProTools) System is: HP Omen (Gaming laptop) i7 6 Nucleo 4Ghz 24G RAM DDR4 SSD NVMe M2 drive.... Shouldn't be the system if it works on other DAW, right? #confused
  6. Hello everyone, So I have a simple session open, just acoustic and vocals, and when I put Abbey Rd reverb on a send (for either track) it distorts like mad, horrible fuzz sound. As soon as I switch it off, the song sounds normal again.... any other reverb works perfectly, and Abbey Rd works in other DAWs on my computer... Is there a specific Abbey Rd issue with Cakewalk that I'm unaware of? Many thankls for any ideas :) Craig
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