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  1. Under what section would I find these preferences? I don't see them under the "AudioSnap" options.
  2. This is also helpful. Seems like a bit of guess-and-test is a useful tool. Switch algorithms, bounce to clips, listen, then undo/repeat?
  3. Thanks for the info--I'm trying to understand, so correct me if I'm wrong. Are you saying that I have to move the transient by a specific value, or that it can be any value but under a specific amount? I.E., it will work fine unless I move the transient too far? Or, do I need to have the transient move set to snap-to and move a specific amount based off the sample rate? It's still a little bit of a mystery why the manipulated clip sounds great until the clip is "bounced to." Maybe I don't understand something about audio processing?
  4. I'm trying to use AudioSnap Palette to nudge a couple of out-of-time notes in a drum recording. It works perfectly, until I'm all done. I right click the track and click "Bounce to Clip" to finish, but only then does the audio become distorted. How do I fix this? I can't re-record this section and I'm trying to edit the waveform, but once it's processed it sounds awful.
  5. Hi, I'm trying to export the metronome with my audio, and I was using the method on this video: I followed all the steps and it seemed super simple, but the clicks aren't exporting. Here's a screencap of what I'm doing. Maybe there's one button I forgot to click? Why are the clicks in the Aux track not exporting? Thanks!
  6. That video was really helpful! I can see that it's a pretty complex system but I'm starting to understand it more. Might need to watch the video a few more times. I think the most useful thing is I think I finally understand the different driver modes and what each is used for. Correct me if I'm wrong, but ASIO is best for recording, and only allows for one audio interface for minimum latency, which is why my onboard sound doesn't work in ASIO mode. But I can use the WASAPI modes for that.
  7. Okay so I've got the driver from their website (already had it it installed), and tried switching to ASIO, and got this weird error--see attached image. I tried changing the dropdown on the left under "available devices" to match the other side, "speakers." Cakewalk worked fine, but no audio was being recorded from the mic, and the input only had the options available under the second attached image. For the sake of trying, I went back to the audio preferences, and reverted to "WASAPI Exclusive." Guess what? It works and records now fine, without error or stoppage. If this is only temporarily working, I can come back for more advice. But for now, it seems to be working, and I only have one more question. Under the sound icon in the windows taskbar, I can change the audio output of my computer between my speakers and the Behringer interface. However, with the interface plugged in, from Cakewalk I can only get audio through the interface. How can I switch between audio outputs in Cakewalk with my current settings? Thanks!
  8. Also, all my notifications are on, so I should receive dropout notifications, but I'm not...
  9. If you can tell me how to turn drop-out notifications on, I can try it and get the code. I never turned them off so I'm not sure why they are off. I tried to see if I could change the buffer, but it's all greyed out.
  10. I just got a new Behringer U-Phoria UMC404HD. When I tried using it in Cakewalk, it's recognized fine. However, the play bar freezes when I start recording. It seems to record the audio despite seeming frozen. The audio will continue to freeze until I turn recording off on the track. Furthermore, the audio is not playing on Cakewalk, and I've tried both the computer speakers and the headphone jack on the audio interface. The audio is only able to play when it is exported. Also, this interface is supposed to be 4-in, 4-out, but it's showing up as 2-in, 2-out on Cakewalk, with 2 stereo channels. I thought this interface was supposed to be 4 independent stereo channels--was I mistaken? Screen capture: https://youtu.be/ePdkS0hES2Q Thanks!
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