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  1. Many thanks for your reply - I didn't know you could create these OS-aware links, this is going to be handy! I edited my original question (just before I saw your answer) to mention that the missing P: drive was no longer listed to the system, so unfortunately these links couldn't be created without a little bit of additional work. With this, and while in Disk Manager, I see that I could create a virtual disk which I then did onto a file on one of the data SSD's, and was able to name it the P: drive. I then created the MUSIC directory here to complete the missing path (I hoped). [I find that as I get older I find it hard to remember some things I used to know in the past]. On running the Bandlab Cakewalk updater the process thankfully completed. Cakewalk still runs well. I could see that it was writing to the P drive and later to the C drive. I knew the original Bandlab (version) was always installed into the C drive so that's good. I then had a look at the P:\MUSIC folder and could see a 'Cakewalk Content' folder and inside the following 3 folders: Cakewalk Core, Cakewalk Themes, MIDI Library. The original P drive was an old, slow and noisy HDD. The PC system I use is some years old with various HDD/SSD changes. It's likely that the original P drive was used at some point with Sonar, hence some legacy paths that I should have tidied up at past install/update stages. I'd like to return this virtual disk space back to the SSD holding it (meaning the P drive would also disappear) so, is there a relatively simple way to have this Cakewalk Data structure & contents (192 MB) moved to one of the data SSD's and so that Bandlab Cakewalk is aware?
  2. Hi, My Cakewalk (Bandlab) install is on my C drive (SSD), though I've recently moved the data in some of my HDD drives onto a single external portable drive in order to reduce the number of HDD's in my system. Cakewalk runs fine and project data has now been moved onto it's own SSD. After some months away from updating Cakewalk I tried to update it today through the Bandlab Assistant. Unfortunately, not long into the Install stage a window pops up saying "Setup was unable to create the directory "P:MUSIC". Error 3: the system cannot find the path specified" The old P: drive does not now exist. In most other software installs/updates this scenario is not an issue since this type of pop-up would then allow me to browse and either create the expected folders, or, redirect the path to a new location if I had moved something. Not here though. The Bandlab updater immediately rolls back to the original install and exits. 1) I cannot examine what the installer was expecting to do at this location (possibly an additional vst folder resided at "P:/MUSIC" though I'm sure I had them all sitting in the C drive along with Cakewalk). 2) A browse option is not presented to allow me to correct this myself. 3) The silent install nature of this update does not help - I'd imagine there's a reasonable possibility an install log will exist but I can't see this helping since I need to correct a path - though - I might be able to map a non essential data drive to a new P drive then create a "P:\MUSIC" folder and see if the install completes ? Rather than going through the process of re-installing Cakewalk, is there any other way I can get around/correct the above? is there an install log file somewhere?
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