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  1. I couldn't "remember there is no one standard for mapping MIDI note numbers to pitches" as I know so little I didn't know that! The display alternative setting guide would have been helpful, but although I may have actually stumbled on those options before, I never would never have guessed that 0..127 referred to MIDI numbers. But another thing shows how unfamiliar I am with Cakewalk in the fact that I had to use Google to find out that PRV meant Piano Roll View 🥴 Doh!
  2. Thanks scook, I worked with many languages during my career, but at the age of 82, I don't think I want to start learning another - my memory is not what it was! I'm happy to just modify your sample script. Just to let you know, I have successfully modified your script to suit my organ and it did exactly what I wanted. I did have to play with the MIDI numbers since mechanical organs do not always actually play notes from the key that the music file contains, and it still confuses me - and lots of others - but I got there eventually after finding the correct number of 12's to add or subtract..
  3. Ah! This looks like something I would have used in my programming years, and although I do not know the language, the syntax is familiar. I did not mention that there may be notes outside the high/low range so the sample file looks ideal for removing those as well as unwanted ones within the desired range. My own 20 note organ uses these notes: F4 Bb5 C D Eb E F G A6 Bb C D Eb E F G A7 Bb C D so I'll substitute the MIDI numbers for those missing and the top and bottom notes BTW - I think that your line "delete all note values 60, 71 and 75" should actually read "delete all note values 61, 70 and 75" What's more - especially if the line above is correct - I DO understand it! 😃 and should be able to create scripts for any organ type. Thanks to you, scook, and all the others who tried to help. I look forward to writing some code again!
  4. Well, I must confess I'm stumped. I seem to have successfully installed the Note Mapper plugin into Cakewalk, but I cannot find any info' on using Note mapper in Cakewalk. I had hoped that I might be able to use this plugin without becoming fully conversant with Cakewalk, which I am using just to transpose and delete notes in a Piano Roll view - most of the rest in beyond me. I am also possibly hampered by not being a musician - I'm using a mechanical organ, not playing one! I was hoping to just pick out selected instructions for using the Filter function, but cannot even find general help anywhere. I'm grateful for the responses I have received so far, but unless I can find some sort of idiot's guide, I think this is all beyond me. I was involved in computing for about 30 years, but now my 82-year-old brain is struggling.
  5. The 'Filter out unwanted notes' option looks like what I am seeking. Thanks for the suggestion, which I will investigate. However, as a novice, like Captain Oates, 'I may be some time' 😕
  6. Thanks for the replies, but I too do NOT have a contiguous range of notes - different organs use different selections of notes - they are not chromatic (if that is the correct term).
  7. That sounds like what I want to do, but as a Cakewalk novice, can you give me some hints on how to go about it, please?
  8. MIDI files are increasingly being used with mechanical pipe organs, which have different ranges of playable notes. The number of notes varies (20, 26, 31 etc), and so does the lowest playable. To create a suitable MIDI file with fewer notes from one with more can be achieved using Piano Roll in Cakewalk by SHIFT/Clicking on those not needed on the keyboard display, then using DELETE to remove all those which have changed colour. A different lowest note can initially be set using Track transpose - MIDI files for organs usually use just Track1 on MIDI Format 0. It would be very convenient if a pattern of playable notes could be applied to a tune, so that all those NOT within the pattern could be eliminated together. Is there any way that this is possible, or am I asking too much?
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