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  1. John...I had a similar issue a couple weeks back when I wiped a machine and went with a clean re-install...and what I found was that a bunch of my licenses were listed under "Cloud" in iLok. All I had to do was drag and drop those onto my physical iLok 1 and all my problems went away. No idea if this helps, but I figured I'd throw it out there. Good luck.
  2. You haven't "missed it" because no one ever gets specific with what to do with the results. After you run the program for a few minutes you can click on each of these tabs to see what it's telling you. Green doesn't necessarily mean it's time to move on. You can still use it to tweak processes to improve overall DPC latency spiking. Stats will give you the headlines. Processes will give you an idea of what's running in the background. Drivers will show you all the drivers and which are running the highest ISR, DPC counts and the highest executions in ms. It'll tell you the company that the driver belongs to, etc. CPU will tell you which CPU(s) is(are) getting hit the hardest with DPC latency and which driver is causing it. You can then search those drivers and processes online to see what exactly they do, etc, and if there is anything you can do to alleviate the problem. Maybe you can just shut off a process...maybe you can't. Maybe you can make sure that process doesn't run on the same core you're running audio on, etc. Maybe it helps you figure out what to change in the bios. Once you try a fix, you can run LatencyMon again and compare where you were to where you are now. You really can chase down problematic drivers and processes that are causing latency spikes. Just takes time.
  3. As sad as I was about issues when I switched to 11 a couple months back, I finally got the machine screaming again. In my opinion, it's very highly likely that my biggest problem with the upgrade was the fact that I changed my bios at the same time and didn't get a couple settings ticked. You're gonna have to make the move sometime. Might as well be now, while you build a new machine.
  4. I built my system knowing I'd add a Thunderboltex4 card to run the UAD stuff with Thunderbolt 3. I could never get the UAD stuff to work perfectly so returned it. Swapped out for Lynx Aurora and I'm rock solid on Win 11.
  5. Indeed....I've seen @Jim Roseberry say that he has had Thunderbolt 3 UAD hardware running well. See below.
  6. Ok. But what happens when you have more than 24 tracks? Do you scroll then...or do you get another monitor?
  7. Yeah....my brain can't mx without channels feeding busses...and those busses often feeding other busses. I can't sleep at night if a track is routed straight to the master bus. 🤣 One of the things that keeps me on Cakewalk is the mixer view that allows me to keep busses on top and visible at all times. I don't like busses floating all over my mixer.
  8. .EDIT: Took at look at MOTU. There is probably even a firmware update there.
  9. I'm a Kemper user. I picked up the Tone Junkie everything pack for 100% off a couple years ago. Just happened to be checking email when the promo came up. Between those profiles and the stock Michael Britt profiles...I just don't have any desire to chase any other tones. It's all there for me. I try really hard to not go down the rabbit hole any further...lol. Those new Michael Britt freebie liquid profiles are ridiculous.
  10. 7 gauge. I can't imagine you'd ever screw up the neck...but I wouldn't know how to do the math. Or hell. Go 7 gauge and strung up like Nashville tuning. No one wants to see you sell that guitar. 🤣
  11. No. Not yet. I got some advice from an old man selling a motorcycle once. I saw the price and went to look at the bike which was in incredible shape for the price. And I finally looked him in the eye and said..."I want to beat you up on price but I can't figure out where." He laughed and said..."I'm selling this for my nephew. And I told him he can either price the bike to sell or he can have a bike for sale." He sold the bike that day. And I have always remembered that when I'm selling great gear. Know the value and set the price at fair value where I lose a little and the buyer wins. I don't haggle. The right person always comes along and hands you the money because they know they're stealing it.
  12. Haha...there's also that. I have an extremely rare guitar that's basically worthless....but I'd never sell it because it's a ridiculously great guitar.
  13. Sweetwater also has a used gear sales option...similar to Reverb. And I think the fees are slightly lower. If you have a rep there, you can discuss with him/her.
  14. I've sold a bunch of stuff on Reverb over the years. Standard scammers and low-ballers will apply. But if it's truly rare, you'll get offers. Most likely from dealers who hope you're desperate. If you know what you have and you price it to sell...it'll sell. Question is, as always, do you really want to give away 8.19% + $0.49 when you sell it?
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