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  1. I'm pretty sure it'll be fine with multiple bit depth. But sampling rate would be a problem.
  2. If the audio folder was removed from the project folder I'd think you'd get a warning about the audio being missing. Like this: Did you get that? If not...a hard hang like that when trying to launch a project could be a plugin.
  3. @msmcleod I opened the entire PRV and zoomed out. No stray notes in there.
  4. I suppose it's worth a look. But it's odd that these "stray notes" wouldn't be there if I open the drum prv by clicking on the folder in the docker - but as soon as I double click on a midi track in the clips pane. And now that I've re-saved that workspace the problem stopped. I'll still take a look this afternoon.
  5. I appreciate you trying to help @Bristol_Jonesey. But the problem is solved now. Thanks for looking at it @Glenn Stanton
  6. No. If you read the latest responses and look at the screen shot I posted in the beginning you can see that it's not the articulation pane.
  7. I've avoided wireless for about 15 years because of the random nature of issues...and super fast battery drain. But when I built this new system a year ago I picked up a Logitech K850 set at Costco on a whim. I've been pretty shocked at the reliability and how long the batteries last. I did have to run a USB extended cable up and around my desk to within about a foot of the keyboard to avoid data skips. But rock solid since then.
  8. It has been going on for a while - in all projects - and I've just been ignoring it. But I finally decided to ask if anyone had ever seen it. It didn't stop me from working...just was a head scratcher. Still is. Seems something was corrupted in that workspace, I guess.
  9. It's strange, indeed. I always keep the docker open on one screen where I usually toggle between the prv and console. Every time I double click the midi data on the prv it brings up the drum prv with the big gap. If I just click on the tab in the docker...no big gap. So check it out...I just re-attached the docker to the main app and recorded a little drum piece. Double clicked on the midi data and there was no big gap. So then I dislodged the docker again and took it to the second screen to maximize it. Saved the workspace again...and now the problem is gone....lol. And I just opened another project that had that problem...gone there too. That's some silly stuff.
  10. Glenn. Record a quick pattern. Then double click on the pattern in the clips pane to open up the PRV for the drums...then tell me if the gap at the top appears.
  11. HOOK - ALESIS - SSD5.map @Glenn Stanton Here's that drum map. Alesis Nitro kit with Steven Slate Drums 5.
  12. That's Tungsten theme, as supplied by Cakewalk. Are you talking about some other kind of theme? I hide the articulation space, as I never use it. I'd be happy to share the drum map when I get home from the day-job.
  13. If you look at the extreme right side of my screen shot you'll see the bar is moved all the way up...and it won't drag down to center the list. There's nothing down there below China. This blank section shows up....and persists.
  14. Well. Again. I'm more concerned with why there's a large gap above the kick drum row sometimes and not others. Serves no purpose as far as I know, and it's unfixable until it magically fixes itself the next time I open the project. As far as putting the new note on the right line, mamma always did tell me I should work on my aim.
  15. We're obviously miscommunicating. I'm not trying to add another kick drum sound. I'm trying to drop a kick drum HIT onto the PRV, and successfully doing so most of the time - unless I accidentally click just above the kick drum slot on the PRV. My concern is...WHY is there a large gap above the kick drum in PRV sometimes and not other times? Are we on the same page now? 😁
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