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  1. I've recently purchased the Emberton Walker Piano but I'm having an issue inside Cakewalk. The instrument loads in Kontakt, and there's a “Response” tab with 3 knobs – Sample Start, Pedal Noise and Release Volume. When I’m in Cakewalk, which is where I do my midi editing, the knobs only move together. I can’t adjust them separately, I move one they all move. This doesn’t happen if Kontakt is standalone, or inside Ableton. Any ideas ? Cheers Justin
  2. I'm importing a video ,but its just blank.The sounds their but that's it.Its a mov.file around 3gb.I can import other small video files and they play no worries so I'm guessing its not a setting.Any ideas ?
  3. Thanks guys,all very helpful. I'm getting the result I wanted but not really understanding how, eg ,So I have a note staring at 18:01:000 and i want to start it 330 ms earlier,i put 330ms in the nudge settings and nudge left. The note moves to 17:04:559 which is too far,Im thinking it should be at 17:04:630.If i use the slide method and put -330 in "ticks" it moves it to exactly where I want it 17:04:630 Happy for you to point out what I'm missing,maybe its a setting somewhere of Im not understanding it properly.But Im happy where the notes are.
  4. Hi there, I'm using CSSS in cakewalk and the legato strings have three velocity zones: 0-64, 65-100, and 101-127, which correspond to three legato speeds respectively: slow, medium and fast. Slow has the most delay, approximately 1/3 of a second (333ms), medium is about 1/4s (250ms), and fast has a small delay - approximately 100ms. I watched a video by Dirk Ehlert where he creates presets in Logic for this which i would like to do in cakewalk but dont know how.The link is below and the part it is relevant to is at about 50.30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p19v9VrESKo I can set a track delay but that just does the whole track and I cant use the Event filter to select certain notes of different velocities but I just cant seem to get these then selected notes to move to where i want them. Any ideas ?
  5. I'll give that one a go, thats my exact same process,sadly now without Pyro
  6. Yep i think your right. That's exactly what I use it for,I still have the activation code it just wont work
  7. The software runs and registers ok its just when you get to the MP3 encoding part that I run in to trouble.The activation code I get sent doesnt work
  8. Just had to reinstall all my software on a new PC( I hate that).Ive hit a glitch in that my old favourite Pyro Audio Creator keeps asking for a code which is generated by Cakewalk.It keeps telling me its the wrong code, I'm guessing its got something to do with the now dead cakewalk site etc.Anyone have any ideas on what I can do i really like this piece of ancient software.
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