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  1. I was expecting some of the above replies and they are spot on! LOL! No, literally you made me laugh out loud! People are such creatures of habit. Self appointed morality officer! That one in particular. Your smugness is exceeded only by your lack of morals apparently. Listen, and I will not bother posting again in this thread (loud applause), YOU know it’s wrong bottom line. You can slice and dice and spin this every which way but in the end, how you deal with yourself is between you and well, yourself. Cheers
  2. Glad you found my post interesting! I forgot how first time posts are often frowned upon due to the superiority of the folks with 50k posts expressing nothing at all. And regarding the glitch, the email sent by PA clearly states, and I quote - “As an existing owner of Thorn V1 you can get the new Plugin Alliance V1.2 release for just $19!” Seems pretty clear to me. Glitch indeed. Cheers
  3. I have informed Dmitry about this situation. I also purchased Tantra and incorrectly received the email to upgrade to Thorn v 1.2 for 19 bucks... What did I do? The right thing. Nice job to all the whores taking advantage of this one man operation. And before anyone replies with the usual crap about it being the vendors fault, imagine yourself in his position and then repeat your justification for ‘robbing’ this man again. Oh, and please, by all means, instill your morals and values in your children. Well done chaps!
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