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  1. try my set of actions. it will definitely reproduce the crash.
  2. I have a bug report. when selecting midi notes from piano roll view, and going back to track view. when I try to move my selection to another MIDI track (by using numpad keys or mouse), everything crashes and Cakewalk closes.
  3. i would love a simple drum sampler/rompler that works kinda like FL Studio. you just drag a sample over a midi track and that sample is spread out chromatically over the keyboard keys and the track is automatically converted to a VSTi track
  4. Articulation Map video tutorial PLEASE 🤗
  5. i thought these would do, but apparently i'm missing something. i need a video tutorial on how to get this done. the help file didn't help much
  6. I've seen this post in the old forums and been thinking about the same thing. especially for kontakt libraries keyswitches http://forum.cakewalk.com/Visually-indicate-key-switches-within-the-PRV-m3447356.aspx is there any newer solution to this ?
  7. left clicking loses its functionality while working on a project. suddenly it stops setting NOW time, although if i click in the BUS PANE it works. but NOT in TRACKS PANE
  8. left click does NOT set now marker no matter if i keep it on or off
  9. Left Clicking now sets NOW marker (while playback) I don't like that ! can't change it ! and clicking inside a clip while it's ON to make a split point does nothing !
  10. to turn on your computer ? I believe it depends on your computer's preferences.. does it prefer young chicks or more mature ladies 😂
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