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    Nice getting out of my hermitage, sort of. Thank you all.
  2. I found an old hard drive that I thought was toast. It wasn't. I retrieved a bunch of projects recorded in the late oughts on an old laptop and Cakewalk Home Studio 7. Loaded them into Cakewalk By Bandlab and they played fine. However, the antiquated sounds and plugins needed to go. Most of this went fine, except when I tried to load a TTS-1 bass part into Kontakt. The results were exceedingly strange, and completely useless. Could this have to do with 32 bit vs. 64?
  3. I found this on an old hard drive that I thought was broken. It was recorded on an old Dell laptop using Cakewalk Home Studio in 2008. I uploaded it and changed the ancient softsynths and plugins(TTS-1, Modern Amplifier, etc.) to more, um, modern ones.
  4. Yes, dear. A little more different from the previous version than I expected it to be. The big thing for me was the rediscovery of the bossa nova rhythm guitar part (far left) which was the original guitar composition. It was more like a guide track in the original arrangement, almost inaudible. But actually everything in the song proceeds from it. It's my favorite part now. It's easy for me to imagine the guitar track as a speaker and everything else emanating from it.
  5. Clint Swank

    My Ghost

    For Jolene and my mom .
  6. Yeah, well, I'm 74, and I haven't been singing for a while. Vocal is first take.
  7. Remix redux. Top one is the remix, bottom is original.
  8. It's said that "A work is never finished but abandoned." Nevertheless, I'm gonna go back and tamp down those highs a little, keeping in mind these 74 year old ears and their lust for treble. I'll post the results here. Thanks for the advice and the compliments, folks.
  9. Btw I used to watch the Sons in Golden Gate Park back in the day. Yeah THAT day. Way back in thee day.
  10. IK Hammond Bx 3, Native instruments organ(same part,an octave lower) and NI clavinet, adds a little edge.
  11. There are actually three instruments : Native Instruments organ and clavinet and IK hammond bx3. The bX three is the most prominent, NI organ is an octave lower, and the clavinet is a sneaky way of giving the organs a little more bite. Thanks for listening and the compliments. If you'd like to hear more, here's the link:
  12. First thing I've recorded since Sonar died (and I almost did). Turns out THIS is the remix. Soundcloud is weird sometimes.
  13. First thing I've recorded since Sonar died (and I almost did). Bottle What We Got.mp3https://discuss.cakewalk.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=24055
  14. Just today I used WavePad Sound Editor.lnkto truncate a file that when exported was 4:42 in length though the song was just 3:10. Tried a number of solutions in Cakewalk, none of which worked. Loaded the file into Wave pad,hit "trim" and done. Took about 30 seconds. Also jacked the volume by a few db in about the same time. Check it out, very useful.
  15. Clint Swank


    So, I'm changing the name of a track "Addictive Drums" to "Fills". When I hit enter for the name change, there suddenly appears a previously unrecorded cowbell that also doesn't appear in piano roll. Only way to get rid of it is quit and not save. And I definitely didn't say "MORE COWBELL!" or even "any cowbell". Any explanation?
  16. Glad you guys are doing so well with this. I'm not exactly a newbie here but I've been out of it for a while. I'm 74 and I''ve been using Cakewalk and Sonar since 2007, and Studio Vision before that. (Bad luck for me getting into Daws that were subsequently decapitated by Gibson.) Meanwhile though, I had a disastrous hard drive crash followed by the Cakewalk crash, and one of my own, a minor stroke. So i'm a little slow on the uptake. I've been dicking around with Midi channel assignments for a couple of days, to no avail. I. E. NI suggested that I set everything to Omni. Nope I set everything to channel one , used simple instrument track yada yada. So seeing as how you guys are doing so well with this, maybe you could let me know how exactly you've got this set up, if it's not too much trouble. Just so you know that I'm not a complete idiot, here's some stuff I did in Sonar in2017: https://soundcloud.com/clintswank?fbclid=IwAR1maWsT-Y9FM9O0dp25ZqUBFl3eQOQFgxwNLjxx3LDNqCu1M6A1Td3JfX0
  17. Both synths are not working in Cakewalk, with different symptoms: Kontakt plays sounds and records but won't play back recorded tracks. Sample Tank won't play or record. Both Addictive Drums and SI Bass operate normally. Kontakt does the same thing in Studio 1 but Sample Tank operates normally there. I'm using HP 1520 T, I7, 8gig RAM, Presonus Audio Box USB 96, Kontakt 6.7, Sample Tank 4.1. I'm using a Roland Gk3 and GiI-20 using the MIDI out of the GI-20 (since the USB driver is out of date). MidiOx says midi is transmitting. Any ideas?
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