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  1. Compared to the pork spending in Washington, that stuff is small potatoes.
  2. Ahhh, when you said: "mixing times are taking too long (i.e.: 3 minutes song, with 5 midi-tracks and 1 audio-track is taking more than 24 hours to complete the audio mix)" It is interpreted to mean balancing the volumes, effects, pans, etc. So you really meant Rendering or Exporting. Do you have any antivirus software that may be aggressively checking every byte that gets written to the disk? Are you exporting to an external device? Are there any other processes running?
  3. That sounds like a wetware issue, not software.
  4. An American tourist is in Germany and goes into a bar. He asks, "Do you have any American beer?" The bartender says "Nein". The American says, "Well give me the closest thing you have." The bartender hands him a glass of tap water. Caveat: That joke is dated. Some microbreweries are producing really good stuff (at least in my area).
  5. Am I in a time warp? Is this Junior High School?
  6. There is a freeware program called Mp3tag that allows you to view/edit the metadata in audio files. Someone, anyone, can change/delete/edit the metadata in any audio file.
  7. Hull we go again. This thread has turned to ship. I'll keel the next poster making a bad pun.
  8. We need to have a dialog about robo-phobia.
  9. I'm sure a lot of people here will put in their two cents.
  10. RobertWS

    Audio Devices

    Windows 10 update messed up my system too. I had to reset the default MIDI device. Fortunately the MIDI device I use has a built in MIDI Mapper since Microsoft-in-the-head removed the GUI to do that. It looks like the update has change-for-the-sake-of-change minor GUI tweaks and an excuse for them install Edge on my system. Which I promptly removed...I already have a browser.
  11. Heavy handed 'moderating' is the equivalent of burning books. Everyone should be triggered by it.
  12. Perhaps your firewall is blocking some needed messages. Can you check it's log?
  13. Incredible. To increase their market share, Bandlab is going to be PAYING musicians who use Cakewalk. Every time you upload a song to their website....you will get 5 dollars! Details...
  14. RobertWS


    This thread is nothing but
  15. Are you sure? That looks like the current KEY of the song, not the current chord. You can look at the Staff View and see and discern what chords...nay, even what notes are being played!
  16. That IS ironic. BTW: You misspelled polarization. Perhaps you can turn spell checking on in your....browzer.
  17. Well...You're Still a Young Man.
  18. RobertWS

    Midi won't play

    The first thing I would check is the track's output:
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