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    A minor nuisance

    Because otherwise Cakewalk would have to poll the hardware every few seconds or so.. Any hardware changes...? Pause Any hardware changes...? Pause Any hardware changes...? Pause etc. It wastes CPU cycles and adds to the complexity of the program. I
  2. Why is the video being played back in reverse?
  3. Ah...my eyes are bad too! I went back and added bold. At least you have acute situational awareness. Condolences.
  4. The sandwiches aren't microwaved and they don't use Styrofoam cups. As a matter of fact, MacDonalds coffee is better than Starbucks according to Consumer Reports: https://www.seattletimes.com/business/mcdonalds-coffee-beats-starbucks-says-consumer-reports/
  5. Perhaps you've never had an Egg McMuffin. It's the greatest breakfast sandwich since the dawn of time.
  6. I never understood what good a whammy bar was until I heard Going Down. Geez, how did the neck not break?
  7. I installed it and then uninstalled it (Melodyne). That seems to have fixed it.
  8. Every third or fourth time I start Cakewalk I get this: I don't have Melodyne installed (never needed it). I've scanned the registry and deleted ever reference to Melodyne and Celemony I could find. Is there anyway to stop this?
  9. Alright guys, let's get back on track.
  10. RobertWS

    How do I fadeout a song ?

    By gradually reducing the volume until it is zero.
  11. Screen burn is only a problem with CRT monitors/TVs (and OLED I've been told). It's not an issue for LED devices.
  12. Does that mean you tried more than one midi file? If it's just one midi file, check in the event list for unwanted control changes.
  13. What is the midi output device? In other words, what is this set to? Maybe something is telling your output device to transpose the notes down.
  14. Setup: Can you hear me Major Tom, Can you hear me Major Tom.... The line: Can you....here am I floating round my tin can. -David Bowie - Major Tom. Is there even a word for that type of ingenious word segue?
  15. OpenOffice is just as good as the Microsoft suite and it's free: https://www.openoffice.org/
  16. Something tells me this will be Pro-tone's first and last post.
  17. People should need to get a license to operate those oversized shopping carts. It's like they're in a fog and think they are the only ones in the store.
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