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  1. Ron_Pko

    ''Holy Wars''

    Thank you Steve!
  2. Ron_Pko

    Indelible Stain

    Very good songwriting and mix also sounds great! Well done Nigel!
  3. Ron_Pko

    ''Holy Wars''

    Thanks! Thank you!
  4. Ron_Pko

    ''Holy Wars''

    Thank you so much Nigel. Positive feedback from you is always a great compliment because you produce very good quality stuff. Thank you so much for checking out my videos.
  5. Ron_Pko

    ''Holy Wars''

    Indeed! not an easy one! I didn`t even dare to try to play this on guitar haha. I preffered to go on youtube and look for people who could do it properly, and then I found Shawn McNair and Mark Grocki who are excellent guitar players, and then Jim Ramses for bass. So I sang and mixed this one, and mixing was a challenge, because there is so much going on this song. Thank you for watching and commenting. I`m so glad people appreciate it.
  6. Sounds great Steve. Nice mix and her voice is very nice.
  7. Ron_Pko

    ''Holy Wars''

    You mean which DAW I used ? I make all my audio productions entirely in bandlab cakewalk. And video in Davinci Resolve. And thank you so much for your kind words, really nice to read it. We all love this song and gave the best we could.
  8. Ron_Pko

    MEDUSA - a 70's gem

    haha! I love Trapeze! so underrated band!
  9. Ron_Pko

    ''Holy Wars''

    Hello everyone! This is a cover we did of Megadeth`s super blast called ``Holy Wars`` This was a tough one to mix! very busy song!
  10. Ron_Pko

    MEDUSA - a 70's gem

    Thank you so much Steve!
  11. Very good and so interesting sounding language. First time I listen to a song in Norwegian.
  12. Ron_Pko

    Nothing to Me

    Just watched the video, very good song and excellent mix Nigel!
  13. Ron_Pko

    MEDUSA - a 70's gem

    Thank you Nigel! Thank you Dream Art!
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