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  1. Weeeell... As for the bass, yes , loud. I wanted the bass to stand out. As for kick... You know I never really think like that ''for this genre it must be like this or that'' But more like what sounds better for which song. In this case I like the sound of that kick but in another song I might decide another sound. But thank you very much for watching and sharing your opinion with such attention, it's always interesting to hear other people's perspective as long as it is constructive. I respect that.
  2. Ron_Pko

    "Space Farmer"

    I get it, but you know what really got my attention and made me go ''WOW!!'' is when the guitar starts playing and your vocals and from there on to end. It really sounds like those awesome hard rock songs from mid/late seventies with catchy melodies and interesting vocals. Many bands nowadays sound so generic when it comes to original rock songs. But you have very good taste. Listening to your ''The Travel Song'' now and it also sounds very good.
  3. Cool singing style. I like it very much.
  4. Good stuff, the chorus makes me smile : )
  5. Ron_Pko

    "Space Farmer"

    Duuuuuuuude!!! What an unexpected and nice discovery! This feels like one of those 70s rock classics that people still listen to this day. I love everything about it! Subscribed to you on youtube instantly when the vocals started.
  6. Thanks! Thank you man! Glad you pointed that out. I also don't like to imitate anyone, specially vocals, even though I love the artists we cover very much. Because there is no point to try to duplicate something. I mean, if one wants to listen to something like the original, just go and listen to the original.
  7. Hello everyone! Wanna share the cover I did with my friends of Megadeth's Train Of Consequences. Musicians involved: Ronnie Penko ......... Vocals Kel Petrocelli .......... Guitar Shawn McNair ....... Guitar Max Kitaev ............. Bass (from band ATOM-76) Anderson C. Rodrigues ..... Drums
  8. Ron_Pko


    Sounds very relaxing and pleasant. I agree it needs lyrics! It would be very interesting to listen to it with vocals!
  9. Guys thank you so much for watching and your feedback. So glad to hear such positive feedback. And thank you for your words Bjorn. I just think people might expect a voice similar to Axl's when someone covers a G'N'R song. And I myself think no one sounds better than Axl himself on Guns N Roses songs. Because the songs have so much of his character. So while I gave the best I could vocally with what I got, I speak humbly about it cause I think nothing beats the original. Such a timeless song loved by many : )
  10. It feels good to read ''that huge sound''. That was my intention haha
  11. Hello! My voice is completely different from Axl`s, the guy has a very unique voice. Still I decided to do a cover of this song, cause I love it so much. I also did the mixing work on it. Opinions about the mix are very welcome.
  12. I think it sounds very good and bright. Very pleasant to listen.
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