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  1. I dragged and dropped the track from the audio folder. Thanks for the help!
  2. I didn't see anything in the documentation about clip editing that indicated that you could restore something with clip editing that you deleted with the erase tool. I accidentally erased the end of the track while I was erasing the end of an adajacent track.
  3. I don't see an option for exporting a mono file as a stereo file. I changed the master bus to 'mono' just to be sure, but I exported it as 'tracks'. I'll look into slip editing. I assumed if you deleted part of a track and saved the project, it was gone.
  4. I can't seem to import a mono track without it being turned into stereo. It sounds fine and I can pan it hard left, as intended, but it's just annoying to see the twin wave files. I had accidentally cut the end off of it (sigh) and went to yesterday's save of the project to get an intact part. Exported the audio track (see pic) to my desktop and imported it to a project.
  5. "Don’t worry too much about it." Some of us are totally obsessive LOL Question: If you quote a person, why won't the software allow you to type above the quoted post?
  6. It won't run at all if I disable the Dell LAN card. Unless I take 15 minutes to 'skip' every instance of Waves plugins. Waves immediately tells me I don't have their licenses. Then it froze my computer when I tried to shut down CbB (see attachment). I'll call Waves in the morning and see what they have to say but if possible could someone give me instructions or point me to a tutorial so I can "get rid of the Dell/Intel supplied driver and replace it with Microsoft's." Starship Krupa:
  7. I have a real problem with being unable to delete posts. Makes me very unhappy.
  8. I save the project and its audio files on the external HDD and the program files on the OS drive. LatencyMon lights up light a Geiger counter at Fukushima Daiichi unless I disable the WLAN card, so that seems to be the main culprit. I used to be able to use a lower buffer setting. I'll bear that in mind. I'm going to see what difference just disabling the LAN card makes. That might be enough, but I should also get an SSD and just use the HDDs for storage/backup.
  9. There's another thread about this right next door: "Clicks and Pops -- The Final Frontier" There are several common reasons for click, pops and dropouts. I ran through the remedies I was familiar with in the OP. It was suggested that the culprit might be the LAN card. Testing with LatencyMon showed that to be the case. I haven't had a problem I could attribute to Windows updates.
  10. "There's a big button for it if you click on the Notification Center at the lower right of your toolbar." Not that I can see. The router is an Actiontec 784. Shown are the instructions from the site.
  11. It might make some difference but it doesn't seem to make much difference according to LatencyMon. It looks like I will just have to disable the WLAN card for DAW work.
  12. It had been set to "balanced" which I think is the default and "High Performance" was hidden. For what purpose, I can't imagine.
  13. That doesn't seem to make any difference. It looks like I have to disable it entirely.
  14. I'm not sure what you mean by "battery power". Link to your video?
  15. I disabled the LAN card for about 36 minutes while checking it w/ LatencyMon. The results were dramatically different. LatencyMon says I should still check the "CPU throttling settings in control panel and BIOS settings. Not sure what that means.
  16. I only have 1 internet connection and it isn't wireless.
  17. "Drive 1: Operating system and programs Drive 2: (external): Recorded audio and projects Would this be right?" Correct, and I've been using it for a few years, ideal though it may not be.
  18. 32 tracks of audio and they are frozen. I wasn't editing, I was trying to overdub. I was going to overdub a soft synth but when I deleted the synth the clicks and pops were still there. 2 hard drives Desktop No samples/ loops External hard drive is 7200 rpm connected via USB 3.0 to Win 10 Pro Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.40 GHz, 3.40 GHz 16 GB RAM 64 bit op sys Which is where the C drive is located. This system had been working, FWIW.
  19. External drive is 7200 rpm and 0% fragmented w/ 2.7 TB of free space. C drive is defragged weekly.
  20. You mean disconnect from Ethernet? The only thing wireless here are my keyboard and mouse.
  21. I think you're right, G. Using LatencyMon, Now I get a passing grade for a little while and then it starts to show problems. Not sure how to address this.
  22. I haven't used 256 in a while. I'll see what I can get away with.
  23. Funny you should mention that, Craig. I just updated my BIOS and revisited the project. To my dismay, it was still clicking. All the tracks are frozen w/ fx but the busses can't be frozen. I've got (in this case, all Waves) one instance each of SSL bus limiter; Kramer Tape; Abbey Road Chambers; Abbey Road Plates; Torque Stereo; Scheps Omni Channel; and (2) AR TG Mastering. I clicked on 'Torque' and got the blank white box. Tried Scheps and AR TG and got the same. Then I clicked on the SSL limiter and the plugin showed up. So did Kramer Tape. Then I checked again and they all showed up. Then I played the song and there were no clicks. I'll check later to see if I can run a couple of heavy duty soft synths and see if I can lower the buffer rate to the point where I can record without too much of a lag to use the input echo. Thanks for the help, everyone!
  24. Thanks, Zaquria. It looks like a corrupted BIOS may be the culprit. I'll check it out after breakfast and report back.
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