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  1. Update... I copied the vocal clip to a new track, and was successful with region effects. All I can think of is that the original track was somehow corrupted. It's not unusual for me to find sends in old projects that no longer work. I have no idea why except for the same reason of the track being corrupted, whatever that means. Usually the fix is just to delete and create a new send. I admit there can be user error, it's really been a handful for me to go from sonar producer to the present CbB, as it continually evolves. I do like what we have now and it's not nearly as buggy as a recent posters experience, it's just frustrating for me to go from fairly fluent in sonar to somewhat incompetent in cbb. I will get it eventually. Thank you all for your suggestions and patience!

  2. Update, this is driving me nuts! Okay sorry, I've retested and still get the same result, no sound. I've tried just a short portion of the clip and I can't get anything to even register in region effects. It's likely to be user error and sooner or later I will get it. I've never been comfortable with region effects though, I used to have melodyne Uno and just imported and exported my tracks and it worked fine. It also may have to do with my lack of understanding of exclusive solo. I've always found that a little confusing, I click solo plus exclusive solo, select the track and get no sound. There's some part of that I just don't get. Thanks for further advice and sorry for the rant.

  3. No I did not resolve it I just gave up. It shows up in folders in a different daw but still will not play. I thought it might have been a cakewalk update but I don't know. It's frustrating over the years when I get comfortable with my workflow and then things change and I often feel like I'm having to start over. That's technology!

  4. I tried out this plug-in I used years ago and it won't work with CBB. Is that because it's 32 bits? If so, perfect space still works and I think that is 32 bits. Thanks.

  5. I'm still working with perfect space. Every time I open it and want to change presets, it sends me back to the documents folder and I have to drill down to the correct folder. It's a small thing but repetitive. Is there any way to keep the correct folder showing up every time I change presets? Thank you.

  6. I've just rediscovered rematrix, since I don't use the pro channel very often. So far I've gotten some nice sounds, does anyone know if it's worth upgrading to the full version? Thanks

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