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  1. Many thanks to all for replying to my question! That's the power of the community and I really appreciate it! Since my VPC-1 is quite new - assuming that my keys are working just fine - I focused on Variorum's and John Vere's suggestions. I tried all four possible combinations of VST midi output enabled/disabled and track input echo auto-on. All four still gave me the ghost notes. Variorum's suggestion then solved the problem for me. Luckily I am not experiencing lack of expression sofar by switching from 3 sensor to 2 sensor! Cheers, Waldemar
  2. Hi all, I'm using: Cakewalk 2021.09 (build 145, 64 bit) Piano VST: Garritan CFX Concert Grand Kawai VPC-1 I regularly encounter a situation where I play one single(!) key stroke that seems to be interpreted by Cakewalk however as two(!) separate midi-events. The second event follows the first one very quickly in time and normally has a much lower velocity. I'm attaching a screenshot from the piano roll view where you can see this happening on a number of occasions. I have indicated the problem areas with green rectangles. Does anybody have any idea as to: why this happens? (no, I don't wiggle the key or something) what to do about it? (of course I can fix it on a note by note basis, but that is incredibly labor intensive and I'm looking for a structural reason and solution) Cheers, Waldemar Moes
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