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  1. Hi, in "real" piano rolls for pneumatic pianos there are tracks for other functions than playing notes. Examples are "Reroll" or "Slow Crescendo Bass". These tracks are usually adjacent to the playing note tracks. I succeeded in modifying the Master.ins file at the correct location in order to see the desired finctions for these "control" tracks. For evidence I attach a section of the modified file. What I would prefer is a "mixed mode" display combining the keyboard showing white and black keys with the text presentation of the control tracks. Is there a way? Walter Ampico.ins
  2. Walter

    File Info window

    Wow! This answer is perfect and was also fast indeed. I wonder whether I could have found out by myself ... Walter
  3. Walter

    File Info window

    Having worked with Cakewalk for many years, I am missing the "File Info" window, when I open a MIDI file.
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