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  1. Mr. Torture, have you checked your CPU temperature? Thermal paste has a finite lifespan, you might be due for a fresh application of it. It should be pretty easy to check the temps, if they're high your CPU might be throttling. I'm not sure how likely it is, but I thought it was worth mentioning since it should be pretty easy to check (and rule out) if it's a problem for your system.
  2. I had a problem with a stuck password reset on my Cakewalk store account (lost the domain for my registered email address, never received the reset email at my new address). I contacted support at the address scook mentioned, and they had me sorted with a new password and my new email within a day.
  3. Ahhhh, I figured it out! There's another preferences setting that affects this. In Preferences, under the File > Audio Data section, there are entries to specify folder locations for the Global Audio Folder and the Picture Folder. These don't automatically direct themselves to the Cakewalk Projects folder location you specify in the Folder Locations section, they remain at the default drive/path until you explicitly change them. So that's why the Cakewalk Projects folder was still getting created on the drive I didn't want to use. I changed those to my preferred drive, and the erroneous folder is no longer being created. Thanks for all the ideas.
  4. John, to clarify, I have set my preferences to the drive I want to use for "Cakewalk Projects", but Cakewalk keeps creating a new "Cakewalk Projects" folder on a different drive (the one the Cakewalk program is installed to) and using that as the default save location. The location I have set in Preferences is being ignored.
  5. I just installed Cakewalk by Bandlab and every time I open it it creates a new "Cakewalk Projects" folder on the wrong drive. Cakewalk is installed on my D drive. In preferences I set the Projects folder to the F drive, and made sure the folder exists. I close Cakewalk, delete the folder on D, open Cakewalk and it creates a new "Cakewalk Projects" folder on D. I even restarted the computer, same problem. I re-checked preferences, they look good (still has F for Project folder location. I searched the registry, every entry I can find shows F as the location for the folder. Cakewalk creates the new folder on D as soon as I run it, before any project is opened or created, so it isn't just picking up a ghost path from an old project or anything. I've been a Sonar user from v6 through Platinum, so I know my way around the program fairly well although it's been a couple years since I had Sonar installed. I did install Platinum so I could access the plugins, and I installed the plugins from X3. I also made sure my installation of Platinum specified the F drive for project files (and checked the registry, everything there looked correct), but it too creates a new projects folder on D as soon as I start it. How do I make it stop? In the scheme of things it's not that big of a deal to delete the empty folder, but when I get into a flow state I'm likely to accidentally save to the wrong location. Is there some registry key that isn't labeled with a friendly name that I'm missing? Thanks for any ideas. -Mike Windows 11 Intel i7 11700K 32GB RAM Asus ROG Strix z590E Mobo Focusrite Scarlett 8i8 2nd gen
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