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  1. I have used the original version of Cakewalk successfully for years until my computer crashed and I lost the software. After downloading the Bandlab Cakewalk version using a Yamaha DX 27 for midi controller and a simple USB midi interface. When using the keyboard there is a microsecond delay that makes it impossible to play with the track. I tried the buffer settings to no avail. I tried different keyboards with no success. Any advice would be appreciated or a suggestion of another software program that may work better. This is useless to me. Thanks
  2. Lee Durley

    Keying latentcy

    I have used Cakewalk for many years until my computer crashed and when I downloaded the Bandlab version, this keying delay is a major issue. I tried the buffer suggestions with no change. Is there a definitive way to address it or do I need to try some other software? Any help would be appreciated.
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