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  1. Hi, very cool time looking the video and listening to this piece of music. I like your "cadences" ( don't know how to translate ) a lot. It sounds like it has been played with something like pianotek or another vst. if it is, then you master it really well because "nuances" can be heard which is not easy with midi... Thanks for sharing. Stay well. Olivier
  2. vilovilo


    Hello Ed ( or Bapu!) thanks for listening and posting a comment. When I was young, I was listening songs in english and I was not able to understand the words, but It was cool, because I could imagine the stories of theese songs..... I must admit that later on ,when I could understand a little bit more, It was an upgrade, most of the time, but sometimes, I prefered what I had rebuilt in my imagination ! Stay well. Olivier
  3. vilovilo


    Hi Bjorn, nice to read from you. Thanks for listening and for your comment. Stay well . Olivier.
  4. vilovilo


    Hi, a pleasure to be able to use my old IPad again to come back here. So, I must be one of the rare person who took benefits from the crisis. It allowed me to moove forward a long time project. Here it is. It is the first time I feel ok with my work, though critics are welcome. I feel legitimate to post It here because it started with Sonar and though I switched to other softwares I had a use of Sonar for some midi editing and some pitch correction ..... Now comes for me the difficult part of the game which is: give It some motion , but wait and see. Hope you will like it. Stay well you nice Cakewalk forum members . Best. Olivier http://olivmusic.bandcamp.com/album/une-journ-e-ordinaire
  5. Hi Daryl, I told you about your « abs » on SoundCloud.,,😂 I like the tune and it is a picture of a part of some nowadays worries of certain people. ( by the way I am somewhat proud having almost just this forum as a social network... Yes , I am a man from the past century ...) As in every shot, production and realisation are « In the standards »!!! (Maybe of musical industry?....) A pleasure to hear mrs singing along ... Agree it could fit with a sitcom . cheers. Olivier
  6. Hello Daryl cool songwriting and good production as you got us accustomed with... Though I am not such at ease with english language , I allways get a kind of smile when I am hearing your songs. Thanks for sharing. Olivier
  7. vilovilo

    Comme Des Etoiles

    Hey Daryl, thanks a lot for your return on this song. Olivier
  8. vilovilo

    Comme Des Etoiles

    Hi Steve, thanks for listening and posting comment on this song . I am typing on a telephone and I definitly prefer the IPad. But apart this point everything is ok. Cheers. Olivier
  9. vilovilo

    Comme Des Etoiles

    Hi, thanks for your comment. All the best. Olivier
  10. vilovilo

    Comme Des Etoiles

    Hi, Thank you for listening. Sorry If I don't answer quickly and for not giving comment on songs,I cannot access my account from my old IPad and my PC is rarely connected. Cheers Olivier
  11. vilovilo

    I Smell Fish

    ......Humble excuses.... Did not mean to be unpleasant... Anyway ,for me, your music is good.
  12. When Sonar , was off , like many people I tried some otherDAWS, and my choice stoped on Mixbus and Ardour, Reaper was too "clustered" while being super efficient with my old CPU , what I like with Ardour is the ease of routing ... I am not sure any DAW offers such an ease on this point .... But Bandlab is operational on my computer and I open it from time to time, I have no mean to go back to Platinium ... I must admit that thoose two past years I did not have much time to give to music production , with counted time, Ardour is really efficient , but if it comes that I pretend to produce music , I would go back to Bandlab because of all the midi functionalities and the way you can manage loops with Cakewalk , which is really efficient ... Though I think , I would switch between Bandlab on some points but surely go back to Ardour for the routing ease!!!! Just my point of view... Olivier
  13. vilovilo


    Hi , I have an issue with Bandlab on my old device , and I cannot get to hear your music, Sorry , sorry.. Things are going ok with soundcloud or utube though.... All the best . Olivier .
  14. Hey, cool stuff, really european,from Spain to Italy , with a quick look in eastern landscapes , then moove somewhere in the South to go back to your country ( United States) with the banjo .... yes in the beginning , it has to see with the european tradition of music for the circus.... It looks like a big work... Thanks for sharing. Olivier
  15. I am sorry, I have an issue with my old device and Bandlab , so it is a while I cannot hear your songs .... I will find a turnaround . cheers. Olivier Edit .. Totally wrong, I could hear your song !!!!! not really my style but cool stuff ....
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