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  1. vilovilo

    Ordinary Day

    Hello Jessy , thanks a lot for listening and for your comment. By the way the last three lines you typed sound like poetry ....could be wrote like this: Give me five minutes of reckless abandon over perfect coifs and painted faces any day You just keep on doing What you are doing You will find the way thanks , Olivier
  2. vilovilo

    Ordinary Day

    Waow Daryl!!! Thanks for your comment. Olivier. edit.. A look back at the original,according to me is not wasted time !!!
  3. vilovilo

    Ordinary Day

    Hi Paul. thanks, I indeed like this song....Glad you llke my tribute .... cheers. Olivier
  4. vilovilo

    Ordinary Day

    Hello, I said I miss time and it's true ,but this place is amazing... Full of cool people.. Thanks a lot for listening and commenting. Cheers. Olivier
  5. vilovilo

    Ordinary Day

    Hi, thanks for listening and leave a comment. Olivier
  6. vilovilo


    Hi mate, sounds like a deep injury !!!! So deep that you even felt the need to filter the vocal part with a kind of high and low pass!!! I would be glad if you could type the words ,though your intonation is clear ,Iam afraid to miss some details,because I am not english native.... cool sound .. Hey! Now waiting for a kind of catchy upbeat joyfull song😎. cheers. Olivier
  7. vilovilo

    The Art of Romancing - new original song

    Hi Daryl, cool song as usually, rythm explorations ...not able to give you any technical thought ... Maybe the voice a little bit too upfront but not sure,It might be your choice .... anyway cool time spent listening to this song. cheers. Olivier
  8. vilovilo

    Ordinary Day

    Hi Lynn, yes , great songwriter ,I miss her in some ways though I never met her,and great song....I cannot say why ,but this song mooves something deep in me.... thanks for the tip of raising the threshold, I will do it, I say I miss time and it is true ,have a window tonight.... thanks again. Cheers. Olivier
  9. vilovilo

    It's Love-new song (remixed on St. Patrick's day)

    Hi Lynn, good job, if I dare .... The only thing is that I hear more guitars than ...love ..sorry sorry , you know how I process and I am found of light arrangements ... They allow me to hear more of the " heart of the thing ( song)" It is also that as a a non native english person It demands me some kind of effort to " enter " your song. Anyway good job and we need good music and cool people while Notre-Dame is burning . carry on .... It is a need ... cheers. Olivier
  10. vilovilo

    Ordinary Day

    Hi Freddy thanks a lot. I am discovering that voice is really related to what we are and maybe this way to sing is due to a belief that I am not able to go in the high tones,but I am ok with It.... thank you. Olivier
  11. vilovilo

    Ordinary Day

    Hi Bjorn, thank you. well for the mix ,It was not so touchy,one guitar and one voice, though on this one ,I dared to make It all "hardware" based. For the fade out,as It was a single take,It is more to hide errors at the end of the song than an artistic décision:-) thanks cheers. Olivier
  12. vilovilo

    Ordinary Day

    Hello Tom, thanks for your comments. I will be careful with the word "desert " . well singing in english demands some attention with all thoose "s" wich if you miss them ruin the meaning and thoose"th"unprononceable for me but ...I let it happen in some ways. for the loudness,I must be years late,and try to be a winner in the loudness war:-) ..No I don't know why It sounds louder ,but I am afraid that if I lower the ceiling of the limiter ,the soundcloud convertion algorythm makes it even louder. Thanks again. Cheers . olivier
  13. vilovilo

    Ordinary Day

    Hi, sorry,not much time to muse around on this forum,took time to listen to some titles and will have to leave comments... By the way this song was recorded in one take( really one,the first shot and no look back) For me this song is ... Beautiful ,Dolores O'Riordan wrote it for the birth of her daughter,and for me,it was ok to make it for my grandson. Thanks for listening. Olivier.
  14. vilovilo

    ARE WE LOVERS (Anymore ?)

    Hi , actually I had in mind the song" Don't Give Up "and I was telling myself that you could do a duet like this :-) cheers.
  15. vilovilo

    No Breakfast for You Remix (vox by Carter Whaler)

    Waow ... I don't know if it is the sound link algorythm ( not sure if it is proper english ) but it throws loud sound :-) Open minded music I would say ... Good fun listening to this production. cheers. Olivier