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  1. Did anyone figured it out. I have Alesis Strike Kit Pro, and Cakewalk does not see midi driver. Other applications are detecting it just fine
  2. Problem is not with WIN11, but most likely your hardware.
  3. Looks like problem with your controller. There should be button to set transpose up/down on your controller, you must have pressed something that did that. Definately not a cakewalk issue.
  4. Yes I will make it public, still lot more to work on, but its a real shame I cant replace those dark colors.
  5. This is my first attempt, but Im stuck, and can not find few colors and its driving me nuts. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Thanks for pointing out. This might be helpful
  7. Thanks a lot. This is ridiculous 100's of images in a sprite to animate knob movement. I give up making theme until the devs can come up with better solution
  8. Can someone help me find the location of pan/gain knobs in theme editor. I've found Gain/Pan outlines in Console view|Module|Input Gain and Console view|Module|Input Pan, I cant find the actual graphics for the knob it self.
  9. I've been playing with theme editor, for a few days, everything worked fine, than all of a sudden I get this error each time I select image, any image any theme. I have tried to reinstall theme editor, but no difference.
  10. Thanks a lot. I did not even see that option.
  11. Is it possible to sort Instrument Definitions by type. I have Korg PA 1000 and I have found somewhere instrument definition for it. It works fine, but instead of being sorted by banks names, is it possible to browse by patch type, like Pianos, Guitars etc..
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