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  1. 19 hours ago, Jim Fogle said:

    @e2studio, Elix, I am well thank you.  I hope you are the same.

    This unusual time has given many people the opportunity to develop interests they normally would not have time for.  Hopefully your Italian based videos will help attract many musicians to Cakewalk.

    Elix, sto bene grazie. Spero che tu sia lo stesso

    Questo periodo insolito ha dato a molte persone l'opportunità di sviluppare interessi per i quali normalmente non avrebbero tempo. Si spera che i tuoi video in italiano contribuiranno ad attirare molti musicisti a Cakewalk.

    I'm fine Too Dear,
    yes you're right, I hope that new users could use Cakewalk for fun.
    Your Italian is very nice, have you studied italian ? ...  Il tuo italiano è buono, hai studiato italiano ?
    Cheers ;)

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  2. On 10/12/2020 at 2:33 AM, Jim Fogle said:

    Occupato, occupato, occupato. Qualcuno si diverte a realizzare video tutorial su Cakewalk!  :)  (Google translation)

    Busy, Busy Busy.  Somebody sure enjoys making Cakewalk video tutorials!  :)

    Hi Jim, how are you ?
    So, here  2 years ago, few people used cakewalk for Music production (maybe because wasn't free), lately a lot of  users approach to Cakewalk world 😉

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