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  1. is not a money problem for me, but I think the plugin is ready to use , at this point why not share it !!? @Noel Borthwick
  2. this plugin was developed for free in the last days of Sonar life. it wold be a nice thing to make it operative
  3. Ciao a tutti (everybody) when we'll see again CL-2A by Cakewalk on the list of internal Plugin ? @Noel Borthwick
  4. @Noel Borthwick it work !!! Great ! Thanks you very much, the Italians Users will be grateful to you ! another thing if I can , when we change the language in Italian some word remain witted in English . do Is possible to correct it ? Thank you very much to All Staff Elix / EnglandBross
  5. hi @Noel Borthwick below what was requested
  6. I have used it as Region FX not as VST
  7. Hello , have someone had solution ?
  8. @Brian Walton I resolved whit overwriting my personal theme editor.
  9. we have resolved whit the theme editor overwriting
  10. @HIBI the ransomeware is off, I resolved the problem renaming this file in pict
  11. Hello , I can't visualize the entire Icon of "Control Bar Select module changes" what is the problems ? Thanks All ****Resolved**** -------- we have resolved overriding the Theme Editor ---------
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