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  1. I have opened a default preset of prochannel and it crashed
  2. I agree but it's seems so obsolete sistem now , don't you ?
  3. very interesting !! this not should be a problem for bandlab to do it
  4. ok it work , I'll trying to activate CC on all Tutorial 👌
  5. Hello in the last tutorial I have enable the CC ... try it and let me know 👍
  6. Hello everybody can I ask why the translation menu are not longer supported ? In the Italian's Menu half is in Italian and half is in English .. why ? is it only in Italian menu or the problem persist in others Language ? @Morten Saether @Jesse Jost Thanks for any answer
  7. hello everybody I was thinking if is possible to improve the ACT midi Control as at picture. 1) the possibility to choose the Bank fo each single Control ( R1-R2-R3.. ecc.) 2) the possibility to have a drop box 3) the possibility to to select the control on the R1-R2 R3 ecc. and to scroll it (point 4) 4) scroll the drop box 5) the possibility to select only the VST control excluding the control Strip It's time to improve the ACT control , what do you think ?
  8. Hello everybody I use my Behringer Mackie control and when I close the projects, Cakewalk doesn't release the parameter/control leaving it stuck !! is it possible reset all mackie controls when leave a project ? Thanks
  9. Hello , this is the link to download the last Theme, let us know if you like it. this theme is always on upgrade . Download LINK version 1.0.1
  10. AMD 3700x maiboard ASUS 470x it Work Fine !!
  11. Many of people need to have a Sampler, why not in the next Release ... Please Staff, could you work for it ? Thanks 😉
  12. I think it would be the first Step toward something new and for who had old file.exe ... Dimension Pro at the moment sounds good !!
  13. I was wondering why not implement Dimension Pro inside Cake ? it's Time to offer something new , why not ? what do you think ?!
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