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  1. As other have mentioned, I would up the specs of the SSD. Cost have really come down. Planning on upgrading from a 500 GB to a 1 TB SSD in the near future.
  2. At the moment, other than CbB/Sonar, I'm using SO Pro and FLS. Been through a bunch of different DAW's in the past.
  3. I'm using laptops. Find it convenient to move the main part of the studio around. The portability of it. Been running CbB on and i5 with 8 GB Memory fairly well. Note I'm mostly using VST's with low CPU load, when the project load get to intense and near max CPU load. Noise from the Cooling fan really becomes an issue. For a future high performance system I will probably go for a Desktop system, with special care taken regarding cooling related noise under max system load.
  4. I'm struggling at the moment getting a Roland SH-1 controlled via MIDI through this interface. It is particular the Gate function I don't seem to manage to get to work. Any tips ? I read in the manual that there are supposedly some dip switches that can be set, but have no idea where these are. The power supply for the interface is also 7.5 V ... says 9 V on the input of the box ... wonder if this can be a factor.
  5. Thanks Tom. I agree with the title being a bit cliche, but I consider it more as a working title ... and I couldn't resist the temptation of having one song on BandLab marked with "Explicit Content" I will look into the EQ, have one on the Master bus yes and did some cutting ... was maybe to heavy handed on lowering down the high end. Don't like when things become to overly bright up there. Regards, - Sven
  6. Electro Punk. I think it has potential. Throw mercury in the machine and listen to the show ! Smoke & Fire & Lethal Poison.
  7. Thank you Mark. Your very helpful. Me like. Is that a Guinness I see in your hand on your profile picture ? Used to be my lunch during my uni years in Glesgew
  8. Came up with a new idea : Probably needs a bit more screaming and aggression to make it + maybe a dash of distorted guitar(s). https://www.bandlab.com/irelevant/new-project-4f7ceace?revId=c565179a-3d6f-e911-abc4-28187831ee7a
  9. Hmmm ... I will give it a shot. I'm located in Norway and it is so so with parts. Tried Roland for parts a few years ago, end ended up on a long windy telephone trip which ended at some service subcontractor with nothing to offer.
  10. Synth mixer is a good idea. I have a bunch of MIDI modules, and I picked up from the manual that it is possible to adjust the delay on incoming signals. If this works how I think, it would be possible to synchronize for super tightness across all devices (Disregarding possible MIDI jitter on the MIDI inn channels). Mine came well kept in a flight case with meter bridge, and 3 x optical ADAT cards. Only damage is one broken rotary encoder. Guess I can find a replacement on ebay. Thanks for the tips about fader lube, I will look into it and start out with one fader and see how it goes.
  11. I just got myself an Yamaha 02R mixer, firmware rev. 1.x. Beautiful looking thing with fan less design. Wonder if anybody has any opinions of the usability of it these days. Any tips ? I also got hold of the Visualizer SW for it, for editing and remote control of the mixer. Look like this need Win95/NT to operate unfortunately. Wondering if if would be worth trying to get hold of the TC Unity card, as well as upgrading the firmware to 2.x. ? Is anybody aware of some trick to smooth up the movement of the faders ? They feel a bit rusty. Mixer been stored away in someones attic for "awhile".
  12. Thanks Gary. It is a bit muddy ... I'm struggling a bit with the conflict between a (intentionally) distorted vocal track and the guitar. Tried different things, but have not yet manage to make the vocal more legible without killing to much of the sound of the guitar. In addition I've ended up with a double mastering on BandLab ... had my own done ... then added the one provided by BandLab to lift the volume. Might drop the latter and just go for my own for clarity. Thank you very much for you opinion ... it's very helpful to have a honest impression ... gives me some focus as to what to work on. - Sven
  13. I'm working on a new song called "Fakeism" and would love to hear some constructive critique of it. https://www.bandlab.com/irelevant/fake-fake-a7f706bd Thanks.
  14. He's spot on. I have for a long time believed in perfect imperfection.
  15. I've been satisfied with my Samsung 250 EVOs for a number of years. No problems what so ever, and the SMART readings still look good on the oldest (3-4 years old). With this latest radical drops in the price level I'm considering upgrading to a 1 TB drive. Using mainly a Lenovo X220 system and wondering if anybody knows if there is some kind of limitation in the size of drives that can be put into an "older" laptops like that ? Seen some net talk about some 500 GB limit ... but didn't quite get it.
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