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  1. Looks like an improvised variation of the "When will there be a native M1 version of CbB !" Not to diss Apple, but it really has become a high maintenance environment as of late.
  2. Still on Win7. No need to upgrade before SW and HW drivers require it. There is no progress with MS, always the same shit in a new wrapping. As soon as it eventually work, they drop it like a hot potato. Maybe the big money is in support ? Might consider upgrading to Win10 now that it's done.
  3. I think Latency of the cable might not be the right word here. I thought electric signals move with near speed of light inside a cable. If I remember correctly speed of light is approximately 300 000 meters pr. second.
  4. Total turn off for me. I have been impressed and contemplating exploring the MV-1 setup in combo with RC. Seemed very convenient to have software replicas of their digital synths. Well well ... Just need to keep on stacking in the rack then I see ... From a ownership perspective this seems like a regression far back in time. With time 'your' product will become obsolete and depreciated. Observe these problems already with early NI releases. 20 years from now it will be the same with RC stuff, while the physical hardware after a recap still keeps on rocking hard.
  5. Really ? That's a downer. I thought you only needed the connection to activate an install
  6. Delicious track. Some constructive critique from my ears and mind. In the intro, I think the synth at 0:03 comes in to early ... sort of before the windy atmosphere have established itself in my body. Also have the same opinion regarding the outro with this synth, @4:16. Same thing, would leave more space for the windy atmosphere to establish itself. Overall, very pleasant track.
  7. There is also single track MCU controllers from Presonus, Behringer and Icon. Convenient in terms of desk real estate. I've only used the Presonus Classic with CbB.
  8. In this context I was thinking about older audio plug-ins. I'm still using a Yamaha DX7-ii and Roland D-10 though, mostly for the sake of the feel of the keybeds these days ... but there are also still some unique custom sounds in them that I use from time to time.
  9. Thanks. A great sounding plug. Also available as a 32-bit. Me like. Still also using 32-bit DAWs on the side. Into retro digital sort of.
  10. Thank you, the installer worked fine.
  11. I'm having problems updating to 20.9 from 20.6. BandLab assistant just stand blinking on 'Downloading... (0/0)' forever. I believe I have the latest version of assistant, v10.0.4. Any clue as to what can be wrong ? Tried repeatedly for over a week now.
  12. I also use the tools @John Vere talks about here. Their my most important ones in the final mixing and mastering stage of any track. Particularly the Span tool is important for the mix balance. I've learned that for a track to sound good it should have a 'fairly' linear frequency response fall of rate from low to high. Making sure there is no major peaks or holes in the response.
  13. In your situation it might be equally important to find a reference quality headphone set that you can get used to. It's important take care of our ears when using headphones, there are sad stories about hearing going down hill fast without the user noticing it. I think I read advice that recommend doing the mixing at moderate to low levels, as this makes it easier to notice imbalances in the mix. Loud mixing is more to test that the mix also works at that level, and should be of short duration. When played loud, most things sounds good ... and that level can mask out imbalances in the mix. A good mix should also sound good at low levels. Maybe the trick is to familiarize yourself with your headphones, know how your reference tracks sounds in them and mix accordingly. Maybe have different headsets, to check that the mix translates well between different ones. For that blast testing, you could get yourself a portable blue tooth speaker and head out in the park for some blast testing Good with some fresh air as well. Edit : And about your original question, I don't think the Behringer interface will make much difference sound wise. There really shouldn't be that huge difference to your on-board card. If there is, you should check the settings of your internal sound, and make sure any 'sound improvement' features are disable ... so that what you get to your headphones is the naked deal coming out of your DAW.
  14. I got a Roland A-500 Pro. Had it for about 5 years know. Satisfied with it. Good general interface. Durable. From time to time I miss being able to go an octave or two more down for the bass, key beds are decent, drum pads are not for 'playing' ... but nice to have as triggers for one-shots. To me it looks like it was ahead of it's time in terms of features and layout. I'm used to and like the Roland style 'Joystick' for pitch and modulation, the modulation is a bit special though and sometimes it's better to also assign it to a rotary pot meter for more precise and static type of usage.
  15. Hopefully this outcome is the result of auto-moderation. Seems a 'bit' rough to me.
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