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  1. Silly but possibly useful batch file to start other things that might be needed with Cakewalk..... This should be edited for your own setup and install directories. This seems useful to me so far, so though I would post. Mine starts REAL (Reduce Audio Latency), the sound control panel, and then Cakewalk. I also added a registry query for the Cakewalk recent files list which shows up in the initial command line. Just a way to one click everything that might be needed. :: Resize the console window. @echo off mode 120,120 :: :: Simple batch file to launch Cakewalk and other programs that may be needed. :: :: @echo off timeout 1 > nul :: :: Launch a program. :: @echo Starting Reduce Audio Latency start C:\Windows\System32\REAL.exe timeout 3 > nul :: :: Launch a program. :: @echo Starting Windows Sound Properties start C:\Windows\System32\mmsys.cpl timeout 3 > nul :: :: Launch a program. :: @echo Starting Cakewalk start A:\Cakewalk\"Cakewalk Core"\Cakewalk.exe timeout 1 > nul :: :: Show registry recent file list for Cakewalk. :: reg query "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Cakewalk Music Software\Cakewalk\Core\Recent File List" /s :: timeout 1 > nul :: :: Wait for user confirm to close console. :: @echo Batch file is now complete. @echo Press any key to close this console. timeout 1 > nul pause > nul ::
  2. Super Furry Animals Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict
  3. Storm - Rain - Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow
  4. I've never heard of Windows 93 till now. (Hint, just start clicking stuff, the 'Hamster' on the desktop is my favorite so far. :o ) https://www.windows93.net/
  5. Wait, this kind of sounds like... The Pogues
  6. Right before I quit music many years ago, MySpace was a big thing (around 2008), but it felt like a musician dating site or something. (14 years later...) So now many years later there is this whole buffet of places to post your stuff. Just to clarify, I am not referring to the distribution sites like Spotify, Tidal, Apple, etc. or the distributors like TuneCore, etc., but rather the sites we can have a simple page to post our music and or sell it. What are your pros, cons, and thoughts on the various music streaming/posting sites. Mine are as follows, from what I started using. Soundcloud: Visually and functionally from a user perspective, I like it, however, I don't like the following from an artist perspective; posting in reverse order technique to keep things in order (I did figure it out sooner than later), can't disable comments(I just like the choice), they really, really, really want me to go pro, they market towards the 'pay-2-win" musician concept, there is way too many re-posters and 'pay me to like your stuff nonsense'. I don't have a problem with the 'Pro' pay to add more material, that doesn't bother me, and is reasonable for server cost, I could always just delete less favorable material at some point to make more room, or just do there pro ordeal if I really wanted. But if I were to invest in one of these sites, might have to evaluate them all for a bit longer. On the plus side, it is a fabulous place to find obscure and never heard of musicians.. There is some really interesting and obscure musical art on soundcloud if you dig deep enough. I also like how you can tag your material with any genre or even make up one. If your song sounds like potatoes, just type in #potatoes if you don't know what else it sounds like. Drooble: This is my favorite so far, however, there site keeps going down. Was down for a month, then back, now down again as of this post. So, because of that, keeping them on hold for now. Otherwise, I have allot of good things to say about Drooble, I just like how it is set up. Too bad there is stability issues recently. BandLab: I don't like the layout. Visually sloppy and looks disorganized. But I do like the private project function where you can share in progress work with selected individuals. Doesn't seem that great for posting material. AudioMack: Well, you can post allot of stuff, but it is really catered towards specific genres. More than slightly spammed with ads and re-posters, and not the best visually and functionally. I treat it more like a back-up site for stuff. Not enough genre and sub-genre choices for material, have to pick their options for charts/ratings. ReverbNation: Similar to soundcloud in regards to they really, really, really want me to go pro, and they market towards the 'pay-2-win" musician concept. They really want you to buy your way into some hopeful failed stardom, nope, not buying into it. But it is ok otherwise I guess. SoundClick: I just started trying this one out. The navigation and site layout is a bit screwy. There charts thing seems interesting but not sure how accurate it is. I'll need to come back to this one once I get a better feel for it. Not enough genre and sub-genre choices for material, have to pick their options for charts/ratings. BandCamp: I like BandCamp for a centralized location and mostly have it as the purchase site if anyone were to ever actual want any of my stuff. I like the discography and artist page for it's simplicity. That's it for now.
  7. Music education comes in different formats and fashions, different aspects. And some things work for others and some things don't. Theory/Reading: I always got frustrated with music theory and reading music, I have always been fascinated by it, but never good at it. But that doesn't really mean anything. Music theory and reading music is kind of like mathematics in ways, either it clicks well with you, or your brain says, does not compute. Just one aspect of music. I took piano lessons throughout elementary school but was not so good at keeping up with reading sheet music. but better at it in middle school when I played the flute (less notes to read at one time). If you can't become a child prodigy musician, it doesn't mean you suck, it just means it's not your thing. There is other forms of art and music. Songwriting/Improv: Playing by ear and songwriting or composing without sheet music works better for me. I took a songwriting course at a community college and it was more enjoyable than piano lessons. It reassured me I could write music without being a child prodigy pianist. Midi: I took a midi course at the same community college in the mid 90's when midi and computer software was a new thing, especially for a college course. Now technology is getting involved. Music Management: Also took legal and commercial music management courses. That pretty much did it in for me when we went over sixty page record label contracts where you pretty much sign your life away to a corporation. Those courses showed me the filth that has polluted the innocent self expression of music, and arts. At this point, this thread can go hand in hand with the thread, "Just how bad has today's "popular" music become?" https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/41008-just-how-bad-has-todays-popular-music-become/ Conclusion: Though I am thankful for the educational experiences I did have, I wish I had more options at a younger age for a larger variety of music education beyond what I had all together. And this is an issue with allot things, education, and a wider variety of options than just piano lessons and grade school band. I also took allot of art classes and eventually got my BFA in Design Arts and Art History. But still a worthless degree. Though arts and music should not be worthless, but they are still treated that way. This goes along with again another thread "Education and Music" https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/41116-education-and-music/ Personally, I think both music and arts education should be the only focus of grade school education, but with the capacity of a music and art college and without the limitations of grades and exams. Art and music College should have been our k-12 education. Teaching children to be creative, self expressive, and learn how to work together, but leave out all the competition aspects involved with music and arts. It shouldn't be about competition and who is better, or who can and cannot pass an exam. It should be just about being creative, self expression, and working together. But I guess the politicians never thought about that. They really screwed everyone over pretty good. As far as this theory exam they want him to pass? That is ridiculous. For a music theory specific school, ok, I could see some logic in it. But not music in general. If that is the qualifications to get into a music school now, that's rough. If it is possible to pass it with a year's worth of studying? Yes, it is possible, if he wants to really do it. Anything is possible.
  8. Looks like that, but the tempo track doesn't change the actual speed and pitch of the recording. At least not for me it doesn't. Tempo track is for the metronome only I presume (haven't really used tempo track that much).
  9. The time track looks like an automation lane in CakeWalk. You place your your point/envelope where you want adjustments. Move them down, it slows the speed of the track down. Move them up, it speeds it up. Doing either will also effect the pitch. Placing points close enough together will create a tremola effect, kind of like a whammy bar/vibrato bar on an electric guitar. It's not really a big deal as I still like using audacity for allot of stuff and it was the first DAW I ever used. Just wondered about any similarities in CakeWalk. Here is their manual page about it. https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/time_tracks.html There is an example of a piece I did in the Songs section of this forum if you need an audio example, it is fairly prevalent in that piece throughout. It's fun to play with for doing weird things. https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/40323-improv-piece-part-i-original-version/
  10. Perhaps something like this is there and I just haven't found it yet. Audacity has a type of track called a 'time track' and I use it occasionally. Wondering if there is something in CakeWalk like this that I haven't found yet. If not, then perhaps something that could be introduced. I know Melodyne works with pitch, and can utilize the automation lane, but this would be more for speed (which would also effect pitch).
  11. "The Count Five" "Man With Four Fingers"
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