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  1. All of the audio paths are stereo - although the mic generates a mono signal, I have the mixer send the same signal to both channels but I typically record only one channel into the DAW. The other sources (the synths) generate stereo signals. The audio card generates stereo and records stereo. Craig's comment led me to finding that I had somehow enabled both the Line In and the Stereo Mix. I turned off Stereo Mix and the reverb/loop effect disappeared. The sampling rates for the sound card and Cakewalk are all 32 bit 44.1kH. I've checked some of the projects and they are the same. Wave Profiler shows two lists. The first is MME Devices and shows a bunch of sampling rates as not available. That is followed by another list, also labeled MME Devices, with a bunch of sampling rates all being available. For example: 44100 Hz: Channels 1,2 -- Bits 16,24,32 -- OK. I have no idea what the first MME Devices list is for but the second one looks like I'd expect the sound card to handle. I will check into an external interface. I have never used one but on earlier PCs I have used an internal sound card (not built into MOBO). One advantage of an internal sound card is the ability to record whatever you are listening to - like something off the internet. Sometimes useful. Thanks for all the help. And I certainly got the message about a new sound card and appreciate the info provided by Cactus Music on the shopping list and Sweetwater audio interfaces. Thanks, Larry
  2. CJ Jacobson, My setup is a bit complicated. I will try to provide an attachment (PDF) that shows the audio paths without the MIDI paths. I'm a trumpet/flugelhorn player and use a microphone that has an XLR connection which the mixer supports (supports 4 mics with individual mic level controls, 4 sends with level controls, and a headphone amp with left/right level controls - it's a midiman Fineline). There are also two synths (Roland JV-30 keyboard/synth and Yamaha TG-55 synth module). Besides the headphones, I have a JVC Home receiver powering a 3.1 speaker system. I have an audio switch that allows me to independently switch the mic, JV-30 and TG-55 audio OFF, or Listen, or Record. The output of the audio switch goes to the PC audio input. All audio paths are stereo. The PC audio output goes to the mixer so I can use the headphones or the receiver to hear the speaker system. There are jillions of audio cables involved in addition to a lot of midi cables. I think I attached a pdf of the audio paths. As you can see the mixer and the audio switch have central roles in how the system works. -- Larry Tape Switch - Mixer - Sound Card Wiring v3.pdf
  3. Cactus Music, I tried WASAPI (shared and exclusive). Didn't help so I reverted to MME. This got me a new issue - anything I play back (from Cakewalk or YouTube or FaceBook or my MP3s...) has a very fast and strong reverb. Totally obnoxious. I can not find a setting to make it go away. My PC line-out is connected to a mixer that has a headphone amp. The mixer has no effects capabilities. I've tried restarting the PC - no help. Don't know where to look next. While looking for some relevant setting I have run into a lot of "sound" related interfaces. Seems like too many to me. -- Larry
  4. Running Win 10 Pro (v1803 with latest updates) on HP PC/Desktop HP ENVY 750xt, CPU: Intel Core i7-4790 quad core Memory: 8GB, Graphics Card(s): Nvidia GeForce GTX 745, Sound Card: Integrated - Realtek High Definition Audio. I have used 3 apps for music recording and midi over the years: Cakewalk by Bandlab v25.01.0.27 latest update 2/2/19, Sonar X3 Studio (x64) v20.0 (and previous versions going back to Pro Audio 9), and Cool Edit 2000 no version - very old. I haven't done any audio recordings for about a year and now Cakewalk, Sonar and Cool Edit will/can't deal with the recording side on my audio interface (but audio playback is fine). For example, Cakewalk and Sonar put up an error box when trying to enable recording which says: "Unable to open audio record device. Device may not support the current project's audio format or may be in use." Cool Edit just throws up an "External Error" message. I have done audio recordings on this PC with Sonar and Cool Edit but likely not Cakewalk. The Realtek interface is the only recording device that the 3 apps show for audio recording. The Windows system information shows 3 audio devices (besides the midi interface): Realtek High Definition Audio - on-board - This has been my sound input device; NVIDIA High Definition Audio - don't know what this is; NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible) (WDM) - don't know what this is. I've tried lots of settings changes without success. Don't know where to look next. I figure that some Win10 update over the last year or so created the issue with the driver. -- Larry
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