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  1. Thanks to both Glenn and Serge for your input. Locking the track just means that that the script doesn't detect any duplicates. But your suggestion, Glenn, did force me to use the 2021 Cakewalk by Bandlab (I normally run CAL scripts in my aged Cakewalk Pro 9.0) and I found by accident that the script removes duplicates from track 1, and only track 1 in the 2021 edition, which essentially solves my problem. Why the script should behave so differently in the two editions, I don't know
  2. I’m trying to analyse two polyphonic midi sequences as part of a project to analyse the accuracy of wave to midi software. Many of the notes in one sequence are duplicated in the second sequence, with onsets a few ticks apart. Some notes aren’t duplicated. If I put the two sequences on different tracks RemoveDupNotes.cal does a good job at removing duplicates, but the output is random; sometimes it’s a duplicate from track 1 that remains, sometimes track 2. What I’d like to do is to identify which notes in track 1 are duplicated in track 2 and then remove the duplicates from just one track. Does anyone have any suggestions how to modify this script to achieve this? RemoveDupNotes.cal
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