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  1. I'm wondering, I got this offer, is it worth buying when I have Ozone 7 Advanced and first version of Neutron Advanced?
  2. Click on the link, then you get it. "Megaloud is a bog-standard digital volume control with no meters, no special functions and it doesn't even run on most computers!"
  3. Got this in the mail as an upgrade from my basic version, but it looks like you don't need it. I think this is a pretty good deal for the right people. https://www.fortenotation.com/en/special-offer-forte-12/
  4. I do know, as I have both and Zen for many many years. What really sucks with VIP is that the damn thing only allows you to specify 2 plugin folder locations. Pretty bad for modern PC setups.
  5. If you are only looking for something that can run number of plugins with a preset, you can check out BickTickAudio Zen.
  6. My experience/opinion. Have only nice things to say about UVI. Fast and friendly support when I found a bug in their installer, for something that just was a freebie. WUP seems designed to milk Mac users (that upgrade the OS) and for Windows users it makes installing troubling and bothersome, that is if you don't upgrade, that in most cases gives you no value at all. Support is slow to respond, the products are solid but a lot of it insanely out of date and their scaling solutions laughable. Bundles are still good value and upgrade options make mostly sense, which is rare in this area. IK Multimedia has given me tremendous value, I haven't used support as far as I remember, but then I work in IT with a lot of experience. But upgrade options for some products, are peculiar. Akai/Sonivox/AIR, seems to have zero support, cheap products when on sale. Izotope, customers with their advanced versions, are more or less, not awarded with better upgrade deals compared to other customers. But they are friendly and their products have lots of value. Plugin Boutique has the best customer web site par none (Plugin Alliance second?). Decent support.
  7. Regarding the comment about fast/trap hats/snare, Liquid Rhythm is I think, the best tool for that that I have seen.
  8. https://www.ikmultimedia.com/news/?id=ModoSEKrazyDeal2021 and https://www.jrrshop.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=Modo&order=relevance&dir=desc I'd like to know, if I benefit from a better upgrade to the real deal by buying Modo Drum SE, when I already have last years Total Studio......
  9. It's absolutely a usable machine and most of us have used slower machines running a DAW. But for the capabilities it is at the threshold where people are throwing away faster machines. I certainly have put together faster machines for kids of friends from parts given away. The nice thing is that a 1TB disk is in the deal, a non SSD of course, that for Windows 10 means that it has to be practically turned on at all times, or you have to be ready to wait over 20 minutes after starting it as the Windows Defender kills all performance while scanning. Windows 10 is designed nowadays to run on an SSD.
  10. Yes, I mean GTX 1060. It's a strange situation but I saw them last year going down to around 120 dollars. Still ebay is the typical opportunist haven, so the prices there are unfair and unrealistic, but local facebook groups or sites are a better bet.
  11. That's why I recommend a second hand GPU right now for beginners. If the kid turns out to be a hardcore gamer, it's easy to upgrade when the market is better. If he won't turn out to be a gamer material, he has at least a decent computer.
  12. Amd and a second hand 1060. Avoid any intel older than 8xxx.
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