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  1. Fault was fixed in v2022.02 Build 039 Many thanks to the Bakers.
  2. I should clarify my earlier answer... Step 1 - Save As... a template to the Project Templates folder e.g "MyTemplate.cwt" This template now works fine, but doesn't have the pretty image in the Start Screen. Step 2 - Create the image Create your image, and put it in the Project Templates folder (named as per the template, e.g. "MyTemplate.cwt.png") Step 3 - Associate the image with the template In Cakewalk, load the template and then re-save it (as a template) back to the Project Templates folder (overwrite the existing file). From here on in, you should see your defined image in the Start Screen
  3. Sorry to join this party late... I've found that just dropping the image in the Project Templates folder is not enough. Once the image is there, you need to load and re-save the Template (overwriting the existing file). The image then appears in the Start Screen
  4. thanks for your ideas, but I've just updated to Cakewalk v2022.02, Build 029, and still suffering. I'll raise a bug report with Bandlab, with the following "Steps To Reproduce..." 1. Open Cakewalk 2. New "Basic" project 3. Open PRV for the MIDI track 4. Add an Articulation (I used Chord Triads, and added a C Major Root chord) 5. Delete the Articulation 6. Open "Edit Articulation Maps" 7. Delete "Chord Triads" from the "Articulation Maps In Project" box using the dustbin icon, and hit OK 8. Reopen the Art Map Editor, and "Chord Triads" re-appears in the project.
  5. Sorry, I wasn't clear. Dustbin does indeed show the map is removed, but close and open the Art Map editor again, and it's still there.
  6. Hi, I've added an articulation map to a project, but picked the wrong one, and now can't remove it from the project. Dustbin icon to remove from project in Articulation Map Editor doesn't appear to work once you've actually used an articulation from it (even if you've deleted the articulation(s) from the track). Any ideas?
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