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  1. Glad I'm not alone!

    I counted to ten today and started looking at this again. I did some screenshots, and you can see the paths that cakewalk uses to locate the VST BBC Orchestra, which all works okay. But the LABS path is the same and this works too for the effects patches  but it cant find the soft piano. I can see the "soft piano" patch there, as shown in screenshot 4, so the question seems to be; how do I point cakewalk at that path? Do I need to drill right down to the .dll or just give it a folder path?






  2. I've done three downloads now. Altered paths, fannied around, asked for help, ( got help. Thanks)  and still nothing to show for it.

    I'm getting fed up now. To be honest, as I've said before, I just want to write songs and record them, I've spent forever on this and I'm no further forward. I'll come back to it when I've cooled off a bit. My existing piano plugin  will work, ( addictive keys is more than ok so I can survive without spending precious time sorting Spitfire)  But PLEASE don't think I don't appreciate all the advice from people who;

    know more than me

    are more patient than me

    are more polite than me

    are willing to spend time helping me, despite my whingeing.


    But honestly, its really doing my t**ts in now. I need a break, I have songs to record.




    Thanks again,  when I finally suss it out I will post another thankyou.



  3. Nope, still not fixed. I'm pulling my hair out and at my age I cant afford to do that! So;

    I re-downloaded the Spitfire App and ran the installer. I changed their suggested path from C/users/me/spitfire/spitfire audio. Changed this  to

    C:/ program files/common files/ vst plugins. I think thats what the forum advice was?

    I added this path to the plugin manager.

    I rescanned.

    I now open a new project to try things out, and I still only can see "LABS" but its the one I've always had, not the piano download, i.e. the wind and birdsong effects. No sign at all of "soft piano" But its on my PC obviously. Grrr


    Ideas anyone?


  4. Labs seems to be in;

    VST Instruments at c:\program files\cakewalk\vstplugins\LABS (64 Bit).dll   and also in

    VST 3 Instruments at c:\program files\common files\vst3\LABS (64 Bit).vst3 in the plug in manager list. no idea what this means if anything. Just a duplication? 

    Anyway I definitely downloaded the soft piano, from their site I gave the download path in my first post above. But the LABS plugin seems only to refer to some ambient sounds I downloaded a few weeks ago, NOT the soft piano I downloaded a couple of days ago;; of that there is no sign even though its downloaded.  TBH, All of this drives me nuts. 😠



  5. All,

    There's a lot of info and advice here; for me to process it and work through it will take time as I am pretty crap at tech stuff. So if I don't respond quickly and say thanks its because I am stuck for time but this is exactly what I am looking for and I will sort it ! Just didn't want anyone to think I am not grateful for all of the effort in trying to help out, you'll know when I work through this as I'll come back with another dumb question!🙂

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  6. Hi

    I downloaded the Spitfire soft piano plugin, it sends it to

    c:/users/richard/spitfire/spitfire audio. 

    But cakewalk cant see it; The plugins seem to live in program files and I know I need to use the VST plugin manager to point cakewalk in the right direction but thats the limit of my feeble knowledge. I always have this hassle with plugins... any help out there?

  7. Hi all,

    I'm back to writing songs again after a Hiatus, ( writers block, "my songs suck", why do I  bother etc!) but I snapped out of it and I am writing an instrumental which goes from a sort of sad bit to an upbeat louder section. Its 100 BPM for the quiet intro on Piano and then in come drums but they need to be at 130BPM. but if I change the BPM all of the Midi stuff follows it and I end up with one time of 100 BPM or one of 130BPM instead of a change from 100 to 130. I'm sure this is a simple problem, but as some will know, I'm a simple person and find all this tricky.  And i did look it up but the answers were not what I needed? 



  8. Okay, I downloaded ample bass P lite. Have to say Sounds ok especially for free! To those with patience here's my question; it works ok using the mouse, I get the bass notes on to the track. But my guitar wont trigger it. Now often  I use a plug in like TH-U for my rock guitar sounds all works fine, I click on the + sign and add the effect from the VST drop down menu. Simples.


     But not this. I've messed around for a long time trying various things but I reckon this is filed under the head slap Duh! category. Can someone save me an hour or two and tell me why it isn't working? ( To those of a short fuse disposition just make a cup of tea and count to 10! I even try my own patience with questions like this)

  9. Hi all,

    Firstly, I hope this is the right forum section, if not let me know. I have a couple of tracks with bass parts on them, I usually use my Juno as a MIDI controller to add bass but this track was written on a guitar and the bass part is tricky to do on a keyboard. Does anyone know a decent VST plugin similar to my guitar plugins but with a good bass sound?


  10. 49 minutes ago, John Vere said:

    Here's a screen shot of a typical finished song. I choose one that I have absolutely no sub busses on for clarity. You can see that most faders are at unity with the exception of the guitars which have automation and are turned down. Things like the bass and drums I have used the gain control to lower them so peaks are around -10.0 and you see the vocals at around -8.0 . Not shown is the Pro Channel where there will be some EQ and compression. 1420674527_Screenshot(110).thumb.png.a344caeef9c66acee07f6925191eeff7.png

    Thanks for this John, it illustrates your points very well. I watched the video too, so I'm going to try and sort this tonight. I also downloaded the Loudness plugin.

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