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  1. Hi all,

    I'm sure this is a simple fix, my console has gone blank. As usual I've clicked something by mistake, god knows what, see screenshot.  Cakewalk is great but sometimes I'm sure it has a mind of its own and decides to annoy me just for the hell of it!

    Tried various "views" options , dragging, etc etc etc  but to no avail. Can someone save me an hour wasted and tell me what the heck I've done? Thanks!

    console blank.png

  2. Hi all,

    Quick question, I wish to have a small chunk of a vocal track at a much lower level than the rest. I've split the vox track  into separate clips. ( see screenshot, its "record 47" of the Main Vox track.

    But adding clip automation seems to effect all of the track, even though its split into smaller parts. Is there a way just to lower the volume of a small discrete part of the track?


  3. 29 minutes ago, John Vere said:

    Buss Gain are set different than Tracks. The unity is at 3 o'clock instead of 12 o'clock,

    Why? I guess because you don't normally need that +18 db of headroom that a track has on a buss because it is being fed by a track that should be in the ballpark and not that far out.

    You'll notice track gain is either + or - 18db.  The Buss gain is from - inf to + 6. 

    Screenshot (249).png

    Thanks John I understand now. ( I think)

    I'm recording a song at the moment and it all sounds very "quiet" on playback, after I have made sure there is no clipping and everything is within a sensible range of say -18 av and -12 peak. In other words the vocals sound far away etc.


    Is this when I need to lift the master gain up or am I barking up the wrong tree here?



  4. 1 minute ago, 57Gregy said:

    I think he means that the Master is set to 0.0, the double-click default, but when he plays the song, the output on the Master is not 0.0, but -8.9. Is that right, Richard?
    If that's the case and you want the output higher, turn up the tracks feeding the Master. Unless they're already too high.

    Typically, I have a vocals bus, a guitars bus, a synth bus, keyboards, bass, drums and a Master. Maybe strings. All sent to the Master bus. The Master bus is where you would put any mastering plug-ins, and that is output to your main out, your sound card or audio interface. After these plug-ins are manipulated, the volume may go up, and you can reduce that with the Master volume slider. But, there are those who say you should never touch that, it should always stay at 0.0 (unity). More experienced folks than me. Lacking that experience, I do what I want. 😁

    Yes that's what is happening. The tracks feeding into the master are all set as I think they should be, so average -18 and peak -12 or close to it. So I cant turn them any higher and at the same time stay within the recommended levels.

  5. Hi all,

    This is probably annoyingly simple to answer but I cant find it on the forum, probably using wrong search keywords. My master knob is reading a gain of  -8.9, ( see screenshot) but is set to the default half way mark, the one you get when you double click it. others are all reading zero at the same mark. Obviously when I gain stage at the end these get adjusted up or down but why is the master reading -8.9?

    Sorry but I don't understand why! Shouldnt it be zero at the mid way mark.  I don't really understand what the master volume knob does anyway I never really touch it, but if something is wrong with my settings I need to know.

    It may ( or not)  help me get to the bottom of why at present, as a complete novice, often I get poor results in terms of getting a good mix of voices and instruments, always a problem for me. This is either a great question, or a really dumb one, I reckon I know which it is!1841991312_masterscreenshot.thumb.png.922cafaf9c6b13c2fcef01ec1466aa9f.png

  6. Hi all

    I am soon to update to the latest version. So I am busy backing everything up as CWB files. Up comes this message, ( see screenshot) but I cant understand what I've done here, as its a bit new to me. Cant recall stretching times, stretched date or audio snap markers,  or anything fancy. But the track is old so I may well have done something and forgotten exactly what I did!


     What do I look for to trace the problem?



  7. Okay, that seems to work. Thanks.

    Next mystery; ( I'm pretty sure I asked this before but cant find my post so please bear with me)


    I deleted 4 tracks of vocals with melodyne adjusted Vox as I didnt want them in the song till later. Hit delete and hey presto  they are not visible but they STILL PLAY! Anyone got an idea what is happening here? How do I delete them permanently? I love melodyne but also it drives me nuts!

  8. Hi

    If I've asked this before please forgive me. I know its happened before but I cant remember what the fix was. I have a full song ready to export. Done this dozens of times, convert to MP3 etc etc. all with no problem.

    Only thing different is that this time I used the master fader to fade the song out this new song at the end, ( I usually draw the fade out on the tracks with a mouse but figured this was a quicker method) but when I try to export, it quickly processes the song and just exports the last fade out. So I know this is the problem but what am I doing wrong?



  9. Hi all,

    I am using melodyne to alter some vocal tracks and harmonies; all is fine but when I try and copy and paste the sections to another part of the song which needs the same harmonies, I just get the original voices not the corrected melodyne notes. I could do it all over again but that would take forever, my vocals are a real problem as it is and I need loads of takes to get near a decent finished line.( With no melodyne correction ouch, you dont want to hear that!)  Does this mean I need to add melodyne to these pasted parts again? Or is there a way of pasting them together with the melodyne alterations?

  10. These sound great. Trouble is... pricey! I dont mean not worth it, I just mean for a totally unknown song writer its a lot of cash for one song. That comes across as a bit mean to be honest, but its not the same as say drums or guitar, these are essential  on all of my tracks, sax for this song, its a one off. I'll have a ponder. The Juno Alto sax is okay ish and free ( obvs) but not really in the same league as the ones you can buy.

  11. Okay, got the right sound for the bass, thanks all. Can I be a bit cheeky and now ask what is out there for a decent sax sound? I didn't ask earlier because I only just thought it might be a good thing to accompany the bass! If I was a bit pretentious I'd say it was the creative process, but maybe I better not push my luck!

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