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  1. Hi,

    i am plagued by random crackles on my recording of a song. They seem to be at one spot one time and then a different place at another time. Its not peaking I learnt how to sort that using this ( super helpful) forum. No red peaks on the meter etc. But...there they are and they sound vile. Any clues for a novice?

  2. Thanks guys. Okay I was under a bit of a misapprehension. But I've bought the Vintage Organ package  now so I need to get it sorted. I struggle with MID,l 'cos I I'm a bit of a luddite but I really need to get my act together and learn how to use it. The Juno DS is only a year old so its fine to use as a MIDI controller(?) I'll get started tomorrow. But really appreciate the help, and patience with a novice.

  3. Okay, making progress here! Thanks.

    So...See screenshot, I'm up to the "good to go" stage! Big knowledge gap. Up to now,  I use VST plugins for existing tracks for example a guitar solo, and simply open the effect within the track and the guitar solo is given the particular sound I choose. (THU plugin) All simple.


    But how do I get the vintage organ sound to alter my existing organ solo, which I recorded and originally played on my Juno keyboard? Or do I have to set it up as a midi controller? ( hope not|) Can I simply drag something to the Juno track and it alters the sound? Or do I need to do a new track with Vintage Organs set up on it? Sorry these are dumb questions its all new to me.

    Annotation 2020-05-18 182515.png

  4. Okay, so I have Kontakt downloaded and its in "C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Kontakt\Kontakt.exe" But when I try to add this path to VST Plugins in Preferences, ( VST scan paths) the path doesnt show the final part i.e. the exe file kontakt.exe It simply ends at Native Instruments/Kontakt.

    So when then I do a scan it still doesnt add Kontakt to my plugins and hence I cant add it to the track by using the "insert" command or the drop down from the "add instrument" in Cakewalk. See screenshot

    Annotation 2020-05-18 182515.png

  5. Nope sorry, dont get it, complete novice. I downloaded Komplete Control, and somehow ended up with loads of their products I neither want nor need. I do however have Vintage Organ installed, having handed over my money to t em. But from here I am clueless as to what I do to get the darn thing into my project.  How do I "insert" Kontakt? All I want is a decent Hammond sound, and then  get on with making music.  Any help appreciated! 

  6. Hi all,

    I got Vintage Organs from Native Instruments  as a plugin and downloaded it. It is now in my cakewalk VST folder and can be seen when I use the cakewalk plugin manager, see screenshot. So I scan it for new plugins, and presumably Cakewalk  looks in this folder but... it doesnt  then end up  in the plugins for some reason. Any ideas what I have done wrong|?


  7. Okay, I watched the youtube video, very helpful, and went through all the forum comments. Seems a lot better now, and the distortion seems to have gone so I think we have a result. Lots more to learn but bit by bit I am progressing, and each time I make a mistake I try to learn from it. In Lockdown there's plenty of time! Sorted With a lot of help from people who volunteer their knowledge. Thanks.

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  8. Thanks all, a lot to go on. I'm playing constant catch up / learn, with this. I am also a bit lazy in the sense I just want to record songs but its a false economy, because I simply have to go back to square one and ask for help from this forum. I'll try to be more sensible in future. Of course what I really need is a recording contract, Abbey Road Studio,  and a producer.  Aint gonna happen!😃

  9. Hi

    Yes I've attached a screenshot. I have messed around with the faders to try and get the distorted bit away but nothing seems to help. I am using a scarlett focusrite as my interface. Now I look more closely,  lots of tracks are a bit distorted without necessarily being red on the meters. Only when I turn the scarlett gain right down does this go, but of course then everything is too quiet. I think it is something a novice would mess up, ( me) and probably fairly obvious when you know!


    PS Apropos nothing above, Whilst I'm typing, does anyone know if Native Instruments Vintage Organ is a plugin that I can use in Cakewalk? Off topic I know. So many questions, so little knowledge!

    distorted vocals.PNG

  10. Hi,

    I am recording a song with harmonies and all started well, but then the vocals seemed to become distorted. The meter is ok and not in the red. I use a Mike through a scarlett input. I tried a test track using a completely new project and all was well. So it must relate to something I've done on my song. Any clues? ( I am a novice)

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