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  1. I dont think so, I mean I right clicked and selected "groove clip looping" so yes its selected, but the edge of the clip  doesn't change so I cant drag it outwards.


    . I've done this many times before with no trouble but tonight?.... this time it wont work.

    Obviously I am aware of the special hidden machine in Cakewalk that sits there with only one purpose, i.e. to drive me completely nuts every few weeks, but that aside I'm puzzled.

  2. Okay, making headway but....Any idea why groove clip looping isn't working? With the helpful answers above, I managed to suss out how to record the drums ( hi hat replaces click track on backing tracks) but when I right click on groove clip looping, I cant drag the end of the clip along? The edge of the clip just doesn't want to change so I can drag it and repeat the hi hat thru the song.

  3. In fact I just watched this John, most of it new to me and very useful. I've got things working now, I really just wanted to do a quick (!)  hi hat intro to a backing track instead of a click, and eventually got what I needed. Thanks.

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  4. Hi all,

    Okay, apologies in advance, this I know is very basic but its ages since I did any thing with the CW drums, and today I just cant get them to record. I've done a screenshot which will show my setup, and I know its something stupid, but for the life of me I cant recall what I used to do to set them up.

    I can hear all the kit okay through my phones,  but when I press record, no waveform can be seen and there are no drums.  I have tried various settings. I suspect its simple but cant figure it out. Input is through my Steinberg UR22 interface, with MIDI omni on the dropdown.

    Once again I throw myself at the mercy of the forum!




  5. Really interesting posts. I am proposing to use Stage Traxx 3 and an iPad and keep it simple. Except it isn't simple! I'd like the option of mixing it a bit at different venues but not sure how to do that as yet.

    I use a variax guitar and it has a nice sitar, although I always fancy a curry after playing it! 


    As to the Beatles I was also of the opinion of  that " how hard can it be" crowd. How wrong could I be. I've been in rock and metal bands and they all love to whizz around the fretboard showing off how fast they are and how many hours they spent in their bedroom practicing the arpeggios of doom, etc etc but its actually easier to do that than do a Beatles song correctly for some bizarre reason.


    I think it is because the amount of talent in the Beatles was so huge, mere practice is not enough to even come close to getting that sound. I have to admit I'm finding it hard work, but I don't mind because I get to listen to their songs and learn all about the structure, harmonies and arrangement. ( Also I grew up with them here in the UK and they were Gods to us!)

    But how did they make it look so easy, and sound so good in front of thousands of screaming kids, using a couple of Vox AC30s? Errr...talent. 😄

  6. Hi all,

    I'm trying to export a backing track as an MP3 for my iPad,  done dozens with no problem but today I got an error message ( see my screenshot) saying " an internal error occurred while processing the mixdown"

    So I mustered my huge technical skills and tried;

    renaming and exporting...nope

    closing CW and restarting; nope

    doing it all again; nope.


    I was basically adding an audio file of an extra vocal ( track 8 on the screenshot) to the backing track in MP4 format, don't know if that confused the DAW?


    Ideas welcome, I'm a bit stumped here. ( Doesn't take much)


  7. John, I watched your very helpful mixing video. I like the youlean plug in and got the free version, I'm assuming I need to get the pro version to set an optimum LUF level for the tracks? It looks disabled in the free version, which I suppose is fair enough.

    I assume its simple to use? Has to be for me I'm sorry to say. All I want is for the tracks to be the same level for the gigs.

  8. That's all very helpful, I hadn't heard of the voice harmoniser nor the expose2 app.  My set up will have a lead vocalist and I try to do the harmonies but the problem is that whilst I can sing in tune my voice is thin and reedy, with no real character.  Nothing I can do about that I daresay.


    Thanks again I will check all of this out, and probably come running back with questions!( I'm not on a learning curve here, its actually vertical!!)

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