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  1. Hi all, I wouldn't change the preprogrammed DAWs in your M-Audio keyboard since you can load one into the preset editor as a template for example Bitwig and save it on the last position that is called "Custom" and you can call it whatever you want. 🙂 @Mike Maybe the presets are different because I updated the firmware? There was one when I bought my M-Audio and it was literally the first thing I did after setting it up. Have fun! Kai
  2. It seems there are so many ways to set your keyboard up for controlling Cakewalk. I learnt from the posts in this thread but went a little different route (Mackie/HUI) when it did not work consistently for me. I made a YouTube video about my solution: Hope, this helps others to find their way through this.
  3. Hi, after following this forum for the last year, I got my Oxygen Pro 61 temporarily working. But it was fickle. I had set up two ACT Controllers. One for the tracks and one for the Bus (like Master slider, etc.) Usually I had to activate the ACT Interfaces by righ-clicking on the colored strips in Console view. But sometimes it did not work. So I went another route today. I switched my keyboard to Logic and went for a Mackie controller and activated HUI. That was already quite impressive as the loop button worked as well as all sliders. But I really like to use the master slider and there seemed to be no way to control that. So I did the following. I read the presets from logic in the Oxygen preset editor, changed slider #9 to CC and send it to the last space in the DAW presets. I can access this mixed controller whenever I need, now. I call it "Cakewal". So I know what I must look for. After that I set up an ACT controller for the BUS. In options I had to disable the rotary controls, otherwise there was an unwanted influence of the slider to the panning of the master track. Anyway, everything works now as it is supposed to be. 🙂
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