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  1. Hi and first I want to say thanks to anyone who tries to help. It's very much appreciated. I am brand new to Cake Walk. During the installation process I chose D drive for everything I could. I wanted everything installed on my D drive. Some of Cakewalk is on my C drive anyway. My C drive is my SSD drive but is only 220GB storage, whereas my D drive is not SSD but is 1Tb. I need everything possible on my D drive. Could someone please explain to me how to set up Cakewalk so all my recordings go in D drive? In preferences I did see a long list of folders I can move to my D drive but am not sure which ones are safe to do so. I don't want to move something I shouldn't and cause Cakewalk to have problems due to my ignorance. I am simply trying to ensure when I start a project, it's all on my D drive. I am very much a newbie at this and until this is resolved, I can't start any projects to learn the software. I am using Windows 10. If Cakewalk works as I hope, I intend on upgrading to the paid version. I did look in FAQ and I looked around in case someone else had asked the same question. I apologize if it has been answered and I missed it. Thanks again in advance for any help.
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