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  1. What tractor beam are you referring to? Sorry, your description is so funny because it takes me back to a movie. There is a scene in the movie Dumb and Dumber where Loyd was describing Freda Feltcher and a tractor beam. It's hilarious! I get your point though.
  2. Okay everyone, thanks for the responses, I think the fog has lifted.
  3. Thanks Craig! It has been a while. Love your new music. The tradition mixes are great!
  4. Thank you! While I have a long line of experience with audio files, I think it is the context that threw me off. Here is a more specific scenario. Another producer who works in Logic asked to send me his files, I know this may seem trivial but he said, "I am going to send you the stems." WHAT!? Honestly, while the term is not autonomous to logic, I was put off by it because I was under the impression those files carried additional configurations that may not be suitable for importing into Cakewalk as apposed to importing general audio files. I am assuming this is something that can be done right? Seems pretty straight forward, importing audio files as you have nicely explained.
  5. So I have been asked about Stem files and I am not certain what these are. I get the general idea but assuming I am sent stem files, how do I get these into CBB or versions of Sonar for that matter? Thanks
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