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  1. Perfect! Thank you very much!
  2. I had SONAR X1 and have now converted to CbB. With SONAR, if I wanted to extend the recording of a guitar on a track, I would just back up a few measures (overlap) from the end (in order to hear where I am) and then begin playing where it had left off. This made it easy to record parts of a song at a time, and have it be somewhat smooth. When I do that with Cakewalk, I can’t hear where I overlapped those last few measures, and it records over it, turning it to “empty space”. I hope there is a setting to change, but I haven’t been able to figure it out yet. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  3. 57Gregy & scook – Thank you. This is very helpful!
  4. I have been using SONAR X1 Studio since 2010, and was unaware of everything going on in the background……until my 12 year old computer started crashing. Then I began looking into reinstalling SONAR when I get my new computer and I see that BandLab has Cakewalk, and SONAR is no longer supported – yikes! (Not to mention that I also find out the Firewire flame went out, and I will need to change my audio interface, which is also no longer supported. Yes, I have been under a rock for 12 years!) So, is the logical next step to download the free BandLab Cakewalk? Will this be similar to my SONAR? Will I be able to run my SONAR song projects on the new Cakewalk software, or do I have to have both sets of software installed? If I was working on a SONAR project, can I “convert” it to the new Cakewalk to continue working on it? I’m reading a lot about the periodic “activation” required. Are we somehow notified when this is required? What happens if we miss the date activation was required? Any advice is appreciated! I was not expecting to make so many changes all at once.
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