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  1. Here's how I make it work (and it's simple) : Create a project or an existing template Change everything you want. In the right panel, click on "Notes" (the one with the picture you pick for your regular projects) Click on File/Save as.. In the option of this Dialog box, do the following (in that order) Save as type : Template Go to folder : Template Files File name : type in your template name with a .TPL extension. Save Oddly, the TPL extension is switched back to cwt, but the thumbnail you picked is kept.
  2. Ableton and Cubase don't seem to bother, but the internal logic of each DAW is different. And it makes sense to have only one driver per Device.
  3. Hi, I finally found a solution to my problem. When I installed Cubase LE, it also installed a generic low latency ASIO Driver. This driver, even if it wasn't used by Cakewalk, did interfere with the ASIO Driver for my audio interface. Once the generic driver uninstalled, everything returned to normal. Cakewalk doesn't seem to be very fond of multiple ASIO drivers installed on a single computer. Christophe.
  4. Hi Everyone, I have this weird issue today (it worked fine yesterday) : When I load a project that has a sample rate of 88.2, cakewalk seems to fight against an invisible force : I see the sample rate on my interface switching back and forth between 44.1 et 88.2, like if another program was trying to get access to the interface simultaneously, making Cakewalk unusable. I don't see anything in task manager that would give me a hint. Here's some additional information : At first, I'd like to mention that I also installed Cubase LE 12 this morning (before the problem happened). I don't think this could be the issue, since I already have other DAWs installed on my computer, as far as I know, they don't run tasks in the background and take ownership of the interface. I tried the following : I changed the windows configuration for the interface to be at 88.2. I checked that the internal audio card was the default output for my system. As long as I don't start any program, my interface stays at 88.2. The moment I start Cakewalk, it switches to 44.2 for the startup menu, even though the default setting in cakewalk is 88.2. Then if I load a 88.2 project, the switch between 44.1 and 88.2 begins. Any idea ? Thanks.
  5. After multiple exports and still facing the issue, I found that the solution provided by scook worked for me. It seems that when having several instrument tracks, with some effects applied to them, Cakewalk will struggle with the cleanup at the startup of the export. So I freeze every track from bottom to top (top to bottom seems to freeze Cakewalk from time to time), while saving between each track freeze. Then I export my project normally.
  6. I finally got it working beyond bar 24 (I'm using audiosnap on a single clip of 3 minutes or so). I saved the project, opened it again, realigned the beat markers and everything went on smoothly afterwards. Thanks for pointing out the "Set Measure/Beat at now" technique, I'll give a try.
  7. Hi, I try to match the tempo of a song with audiosnap. After some fiddling, I found the way to do this by aligning the transients to the beat markers (dark triangles that turn red) and regularly hit 'Set project from clip' so that the whole project follows the beat. Everything worked fine up until bar 24 where the button turned gray. Clicking another track and switching back to the one with audiosnap, the button is clickable again. But, the button does nothing and turns gray again. Saving and reloading didn't change much (I had to set the beat markers again to the active transients, this one seems to be an old bug). Any ideas ? Thanks
  8. Thanks, I'll try out the suggestions. Up until now, the problem didn't arise anymore, but I suspect it'll happen again.
  9. Hi, Cakewalk gets stuck while I export audio. After picking the tracks, defining which bus to export and setting the start and finish time, hitting the "Export" ends up showing a small progress bar in the timer area, which then disappears and then nothing happens, Cakewalks seems to be waiting for something. I have to kill cakewalk and retry many times until, by chance, the export works as expected. Sometimes, it seems that restarting my audio interface helps, but it's not a consistent behaviour.
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