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  1. Syncopated drumming not sounding good? 😮 You crazy man! That's the heart of all jazz music, as well as Iron Maiden Anyway, that did the trick! Setting snap to 1/8 was all it took, and now I can drop those beats wherever I want. Thanks guys!
  2. Hey guys. Total Cakewalk noob here, starting to get frustrated. I'm sure this question has been answered a million times before, but I just don't know what to search for, so please forgive my ignorance. I'm trying to make a basic drum loop using the SI-Drum Kit. The kick drum is placed right on the first beat of the bar, but I want it to come in on the off beat. I'm in the piano roll, and tries to drag the kick back one 8th note. However, the program won't let me place it there. It either goes to the 4 or to the 1. What's really confuses me is that I can place the kick on any 16th note on beat 2 or 3 in the bar, but on 1 and 4 I'm limited to just straight on the beat. I've tried watching tutorials, but I have no clue what to look for. I'd be really thankful if anyone could help me with this.
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