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  1. Edited out, sorry, I was on drugs (not really).
  2. Needs online activation. Has the PA THD thing or am I misunderstanding?
  3. It doesn't sport a new interface?
  4. Last Call

    "Deal or No Deal"

    Why skip Mark VI?
  5. Meh meh meh... lol I expected M1 support finaly for my bought plugins....
  6. ARM compatibility? Quad Cortex Mk II?
  7. Nope, but I feel it has a very decent size. And very sharp text.
  8. Success! ARM compatible! Who would've known!!! BEST plugin company ever!!!
  9. I 110% agree. Glad we started this small convo.
  10. I am glad, very glad you know this stuff, and I hope lots of people know it or start to get it (as in understanding it). On my end I am tired of this bullshit, and I think it's a never ending story...
  11. They invaded a country and killed lots of people, and forced millions search for a better place, what's to like about them? What's to like about the rest of the world, which rather have hot water, hot food, air conditioner, rather than shutting down that country? I really don't get it. We should be above wars by now...
  12. Oh yeah, I have Volume 4. Never thought there would be an upgrade from a single plugin. πŸ₯³
  13. I am purchasing additional server resources for tomorrow so that we can let all remaining licenses go in one day and hopefully let everyone get a free copy of Animate.
  14. $39.5 here! nice... still can't buy it yet, lol.
  15. This discount has reached its limit. Check Bedroom Producer Blog For The Next Discount Code. Here’s the announcement schedule for the next codes: 24th Feb: 2pm GMT | 25th Feb: 4pm GMT | 26th Feb: 6pm GMT | 27th Feb: 8pm GMT | 28th Feb: 10pm GMT
  16. Mate! You're so generous sharing your findings! TY. 😁
  17. Watch Paul Third YouTube videos before buying more plugins (except if you are Bapu). There may be better plugins than UAD that you have, or have the Plugin Aaliance version, pr the Softube version, wchich seem to have the same code so should sound exactly the same.
  18. Ty so much. Maybe we could start using some nomenclature like WO for Windows only, MO for Mac only, nothing if it is both platforms compatible. Idk.
  19. Omg looks awesome! Wow, I so want it. πŸ€—
  20. Last Call

    PA Amp Alarm

    While I was banned (well, this account anyway, lol) watched a lot of plugin Youtube videos. One thing that surprised me was that plugin developers use old code and sell you the same plugin. Waves is the first that comes to mind ( and probably the only company that wants you to pay them for their inneficacy). Or the serial recent fiasco. PA plugins are full of cramping and aliasing (among others). (Important note, aliasing can be or probably is inaudible, but that's not the point). Harrison plugins suffer from cramping, and are cleaner than other "console" emulating ones, lol, when they sell you a different idea ( you can null them using a stock eq for example). Analog gear was and has been designed to be as clean as possible, now that we have that in plugins we are sold the idea of saturation and distortion, and milked millions of dollars. And so and so on. From my POV plugin devs owe us, not us to them. I don't mean to sound antagonizing, just a comment to the air: If you want to support plugin devs so they buy their new island, that's your prerogative, I guess. (some plugins are worth your while but are rather seldom). Important note: right now audio interfaces (and probably this has been for some years now) are as good as other gear to record and reproduce music. An Evo 16 can rock your world, while an Auora Lynx is a godified EXPENSIVE apparatus that actually MESSES ( colorizes) your sound. (Related: if you record analog audio, set your interface to 96 khz). All of this IS on Youtube. Thanks for your attention. πŸ˜‹ (I love Softube, exploring Analog Obsession, and I keep AA Purple installed just coz it looks so pretty). Guilty. Lol.
  21. I love the delay and the reverb to death. (I have Vol 4 and lots of others).
  22. https://audioplugin.deals/product/t-racks-eq-81-by-ik-multimedia Add to cart, yadda yadda, just did it and got my code in my mail. Cheers.
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