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  1. 2 minutes ago, MusicMan said:

    That has been unusual from them.. especially as they really do so much right. It's probably one of their few limitations.

    I have wondered if they're maybe trying to release the VST3 versions all at once, but if they can, they should release them as soon as each one is completed.

    Maybe it's a common framework for them, or they've had trouble resolving some bugs.

    Personally I'm waiting until they update as well before buying any more as I almost exclusively use VST3 now, but I do like them and their plugins.

    I do like them too, I own some too.

    F Neuraldsp since I am on a roll, lol (no ARM Native support yet... after... a loooong time, and it's my fave bass plugin Dark Glass Ultra).

    I am finding that Cubase is just too limited or clunky compared to Reaper, I think I might go back full Reaper and use Rosetta... sigh... 🥰

    (UAD and Softube are ARM Native among lots of others, I myself don't get why some companies haven't done the transition).

    Even Intel wants to go ARM, or was it Win 11 that wants to go ARM (as an option), I don't remember.

    Having an M1 Macbook Air made me feel for the very first time to have a real computer, something that works.

    (and I have a PC for gaming, I find the Macbook better and it's silent and doesn't use as much power so I save on bills).

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  2. I have lots and lots of plugins (including Softube, UAD, Fabfilter, IK Mult...ewww).

    Right now my favorite is....


    I use it on every single track, on every type of track.

    Allows you to really hear what your track sounds like, so you can apply EQ if needed, and if needed, to do so properly.

    (I own the UAD and IK Multi...ewww versions too). UAD version is kind of harsh, Overloud's has more knobs for more tone sculpting and AMAZING saturation, and IKM's is just a toy.

    WAVES what?

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  3. C D E F# G A B

    Play a C chord or CMaj7, play F# not F as it sounds horrendous), you get the Lydian sound.


    Play an F chord or FMaj7, play B (all white keys: F G A B C D E) and you get the Lydian sound.

    Etc, etc.

    There you go.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Brian Walton said:

    Did you grab the Plugin Alliance Focusrite console for free when they had the soundwide intro bundle?

    Yes, love, thanks, but for some reason my soul wants an SSL or something, like the AMEK.
    Then there's Analog Obsession's own console plugin.

    As everyone, I love having lots of plugins, lol.

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  5. On 3/14/2023 at 10:36 AM, ALC said:

    This is similar to TONEX, except the captures are amp only—you’ll need to load an IR (but it’s integrated in the plugin).  It compares very favorably in terms of accuracy in YouTube comparisons.

    Currently, only 48 kHz sampling rate is supported.

    Such a great free option.

    Too bad, I only work with 96Khz and above... (not really, just 96Khz)

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  6. 8 hours ago, PavlovsCat said:

    I use AD2 a lot. But I don't love most of the toms in AD2 kits -- it reminds me of sound pros I've worked with that want the toms to have zero ring and basically have you tape them up. I greatly prefer the sound of Toontrack kits -- they sound more like the way I've historically tuned my drums, with a lot fuller sound. That said, AD2 often sits really well in a mix and I've had a bunch of compliments on drums sounded good using AD2. Although I never see anyone mention it as a favorite, I think the kits in NI's Studio Drums sound really good. If anyone here owns KOMPLETE and hasn't tried these out, they're worth a second listen.  

    I don't know what drugs I was on, but I tested it today again, and loved ADDICTIVE DRUMS (sometimes I am a mo r on 🤧😞
    Made a raw kit, no effects, played with the OH and Room Sends of the Toms (they were too much, specially on the Room Channel),
    and realized there is a KEY for every tom that hits the side or the rim or whatever and that was what was driving me CRAZY!
    (I am using a previously own made Tom riff, where the kits used didn't have this feature).
    Finding where to change the Midi mapping to GM was irritating, although found it quite fast.
    I've got like 6 kits or so, and tested so far 3 brands of toms, fave so far are the DW Collectors. Wacco ones are pretty nice too.Gretsch (blue) the least fave but
    modding them with the Volumen envelope so they don't have too much attack was such a great solution.
    My fave so far are the DW Collector's Series (I own a real DW Collector's Snare and Performance 24" Kick).

    I find now that AD has weight (body) on their percussion pieces (Snare, Kick, etc).
    Cymbals are kind of hit and miss so far, or maybe for what I want them in my head they suck, but don't suck per se.
    Fave Hihats are Zildjian A Custom, the other cymbals are Zildjian (weird, I used to have a K set but didn't like them, switched all to Meinl).,
    but here they sound very very good I think.

    The most surprising thing to me was that Addictive Drums has aged gracefully, or not aged at all, meaning they still sound great these days.
    And that it has this 3D thing that not even SD3 has (even when I like SD3 a lot, but it's like they are more like left and right) as if not only there is left and right but there is a lot of depth in it, maybe it's the room channel, or OH and Room combined, idk.

    (I am crazy and I might change my opinion in the next 3 minutes, haha)

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  7. Idk, I hate the snare in You Could be Mine (GnRoses, love the song but I don't listen to it because of it), but love the snare in Some Kind of Monster, Frantic, All Within My hands (Saint Anger, Metallica, love those songs).

    One was recorded in  10000000000 bucks studio, the other is a sample replacement, lol.

    With my DAC and headphones, lots of stuff is clear to me: bad sound vs great sound. (Thank god I ditched output wise all these audio interfaces).

  8. 2 hours ago, Fleer said:

    Well, there’s a guy over at VI Control who did a blind test with four or five strings libs and the Aria strings came out best. Go figure. 

    I want to see that, lol.

    This Choir though is complete g......ge

  9. 4 hours ago, abacab said:

    Those are things that can be fixed in the mix.

    How do you fix a snare with no weight (body) ? I sometimes give it a try with an eq and compressor or limiter, but it just sounds worse.

  10. 3 hours ago, locrian said:


    Does offline give you a serial? If not, it is still online in a way, isn't it? (Haven't found one in my account)

    Genuinely asking. Haven't installed yet.

  11. 1 hour ago, abacab said:

    Bottom line is that nobody listening to your music will know what drums you used in a mix. It all comes down to whatever is easiest for your workflow.

    If it sounds good, it is good! :)

    I would usually agree with this kind of comment , and still, in a way you're right, but quality still projects in a mix:

    In my example GGD is full of fizzy harshness, usually on the high end,  in the cymbals, drums have no weight, even when their samples are super compressed or limited.

    Mixwave is not that bad, maybe in some genres you could get away with it (they just released a Benny Greb kit but judging by the past I am not gonna bother)

    Analog Drums don't deserve a comment nor NDK (2006 library).

    Addictive Drums have no weight either, I mean the snares. Toms sound like I am hitting my desk with anything. Cymbals are just ***** compared to SD3. Maybe some kick drum is salvageable.

    And in SD3 SOME toms in the direct mikes sound so weak... not even a limiter saves them. Still SD wins for me.

    Haven't tested more because it's tiresome, lol

    (Forgot some Legacy Drums that are absolute garbage, Wavesfactory or something )

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