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  1. When I right click on the module bar, a menu comes up and one of the sub menus in that menu Is Modules. Is there a way to make the module sub menu stay in place whilst I select mutiple modules to remove or add (perhaps by holding the shift key for example). I have to do them one by one as the menu disappears when I select something. I assume this anomally applies to lots of other sub-menus too.
  2. Is it possible to put some knobs or sliders and maybe presets on this function to make it easier to use and understand. It's currently just numbers and I have never managed to get it to work as I don't understand what the numbers are. I noticed on the Facebook Cakewalk Sonar User Group another CWBBL user was having the same issue.
  3. Hello Michael. I had a listen to all of em. They are a bit gentler than my usual kind of thing to be honest, but then I'm a fifty something rocker I suppose. Full marks to you for putting the effort in and actually producing something. I am a bit shocked that you are paying someone to sing your tunes. I do a lot of writing and recording of my own stuff and I'd be happy to do a vocal for you some time, or some other collaboration. Like you, I'm a hobbyist, so I have no great aspirations to make a fortune. Anyway, there it is. Good luck out there.
  4. I've done the wasapi thing Lord Tim: both versions, also MME.
  5. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule your Lordship. I have probably reached the extent of what I'm comfortable doing now to be honest. The troublesome PC is actually also the workstation I use for my business, so I worry about screwing things up irrevocably. Sadly, I have a day job outside of being a rock God. I've decided I am going to get a dedicated PC optmised for audio rammed with whizzy gadgets and gizmos all pupose 'designed' for recording. It's about time I headed that way to be honest as I'm not getting any younger. No doubt, I will be back on this page in a few weeks when the fuse blows or some such. Once again, thank you to everyone.
  6. Thank you for your comments Kurre, I will look into that.
  7. Thanks for your comments MLud. I will certainly give some consideration to that. I'm not massively tech savvy, so I am a bit confused how I would re-install windows 10 as it's a download package. My broadband speed is 12mbps at best.
  8. Thasks for your support. My PC does have form when it comes to rejecting usb devices. It will not under any circumstances recognise a Boss BR800 8 track recorder / interface, though it worked fine for months. The tech guy from Boss couldn't get it to work either. As radical as it sounds, I'm a hairs breadth from buying a new PC, exclusively for audio. Music is much too important to me for me to be spending my time messing around like this. All in all, with the down time of returning the goods, I've wasted nigh on 4 weeks.
  9. Yeah mate. I'very done all that. Just uninstalling and reinstalling the usb drivers now.
  10. Which driver: usb or Tascam? If the latter, I've done that over and over again .
  11. Apologies for the appalling auto type errors above.
  12. Thanks Chuck. It is quite possible that I failed to follow the procedure you set about above and that is what triggered the initial problem; bearing in mind that the unit worked initially. However, I have been much more careful with the new device, unistalling the drivers, reinstalling, re-booting, etc. Yet it still refuses to work in CWBBL. However, it works in Windows Media Player , etc. Would it be an idea to uninstalled my USB drivers and the re-install? Could it be an Anti virus thing perhaps. Frankly, I'might stunped
  13. My cheapo Behringer interface works just fine on my desktop PC (my recording m/c). I have tried the Tascam on my laptop and it works perfectly so I am increasingly drawn to the conclusion that my PC has rejected the Tascam for whatever reason.
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