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  1. Hello, Friends. Perhaps many of you are hearing about our brand for the first time. We have been modestly existing for 6 years and producing the best presets for the Spire, Dune, Diva synthesizer. We also have sample libraries. Our sounds are used by famous producers and musicians all over the world. Now, especially for you, we have an 80% discount on all products except for those preparing for release. It's a good price for you to try our sounds in action. We give you the opportunity to purchase really high-quality goods at a bargain now. If you are a fan of Ambient, ChillOut, and other genres, then you just have to visit our website and evaluate our products. We will be glad of your support, and we also strongly ask you to leave comments and feedback here on the forum. Bellatrix Audio - Horizon Bellatrix Audio - Allure Bellatrix Audio - Tantra Bellatrix Audio - Hypnotic For Dune 3 Bellatrix Audio - Incarnation For Dune 3 Bellatrix Audio - Cyber Sky Electro Bellatrix Audio - EVE Magic Pads Bellatrix Audio - Metamorphose You can see more information and a demo on our website. Link to our store: https://bellatrixaudio.com/product-category/all-product/
  2. Yes, "Tantra" is a good bank. Peter Irok did a little live demo on it:
  3. Guys, thank you for shopping and your good reviews. We always try to produce the best products. The discount will still be valid. Feel free to buy presets at a low cost.😎 This campaign is aimed at making our sounds available to more people. We will be very grateful to you for your support! Best Regards! Bellatrix Audio Tel. +7(910)4414722 E-mail: info@bellatrixaudio.com www.bellatrixaudio.com
  4. The products are of high quality. Think about a generous holiday discount of 90%. The offer expires soon. Try listening to the demo version in the store. I'm sure you'll change your mind.
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