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  1. Actually, I did what you suggested before I posted, and it didn't work. BUT I dug further and further back in my archives and found the original .exe file. So it's good now. Plus a couple of others I wasn't all that concerned about. Can't believe they're 10 years old. . . . Thanks! - Paul
  2. I've got most of my Dimension Pro sounds working great on my new computer with Cakewalk by Bandlab, due to having kept all of my downloaded installation files and a text document of all my product serial numbers, activation codes, etc. But I didn't apparently save the "Holiday Pack" distribution file, and on my new computer, I can't get the "Holiday Pack" sounds to work, even though I have the .sfz files in the right directory. That may not seem like a big deal, but I'm working on a Christmas album, and I was using several of the sounds from that pack. Does anyone have that file, or can give me a hint on how to get Dim pro to recognize the .sfz files? Thanks, - Paul
  3. I am a Folksinger who mostly uses Cakewalk for Demos, so I'm mostly interested in realistic acoustic sounds. I've found 90% of what I need in Dim Pro 1.5. I've bought two "world" add-ons to get instruments like hammered dulcimer, bowed psaltery, etc., and I run those through Dim Pro as well. I HAVE bought separate sounds to get a better banjo sound, though. What really helps is writing parts that those instruments would actually play. Lots of folks hate string, woodwind, or brass sounds because they don't know how to write for the instrument they're trying to imitate. I'm sure if I was interested in coming up with unique synth sounds, I'd make other choices. Or use the rack of analog synths I have left over from my rock and roll days. 🙂
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