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  1. Are you using this PC for something else than playing music? Like browsing the internet or playing games. If you browse with it, cookies and spies etc. can really messed up a PC. Personally I know I should not use it for anything else than a DAW, but I game and browse with it. But every time I finish browsing I use a program called CCleaner to clean up behind me. Maybe that could help you. Not sure I can post a link here though. And sometimes Windows is updating stuff and your DAW is at the end of that chain of event or in the middle of it. I think this post can help you a little bit, here is an excerpt: ''DAW applications use the "Multimedia Class Scheduler" service (MMCSS) to ensure prioritized access to CPU resources, without denying CPU resources to lower-priority background applications.'' http://forum.cakewalk.com/Sonar-Optimize-Win-10-MMCSS-m3622091.aspx Good luck.
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