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  1. yess! I made it through with melodyne. legit I never even knew melodyne could achieve it so fluently. Props to Mr. Andres and tysm everyone who replied! Success.mp4
  2. Hi yall! I'm quiet an immature in cakewalk yet. So I have this guitar track which is analogue and I need to stretch the final two chords. So I replaced the transients to fit to the exact chord progression and synchronized. Then I stretched as desired. I discovered the timing I was asking for but yet the light blue part which is in the video is like coarse and scratched/detached. So is there anyway if I could stretch these chords intact. Also I thought of if I could reduce the attack of that particular part it wouldn't be so noticeable. But I legit don't know how to make it happen either. However I could replay the part with a guitar adding more sustain but I'm so curious that if it can be done through the DAW itself. So wishing some help from someone please. 🥺 Help.mp4
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